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Smoothest coaster?


Artichoke said:
For some reason. Space Mountain at Disney World was smooth as **** for me. Well, at least towards the end of the ride. It was almost as if there was no track at all. It was an awesome feeling.

I found Space Mountain to be so smooth it was scary. My other nomination is Bizarro... that ride was DAMN SMOOTH as well as Raptor at CP. Raptor was too smooth.


^doesn't go places

But I'd say Mean Streak. *watches responses*

LOLJK. For wooden coasters, El Toro (no derp). For steel, I would say Disaster Transport. That ride is like butter at room temperature. Talon was pretty smooth, too.


For some reason, I really distinctively remember California Screamin' being really really smooth!
I remember riding it and thinking wow this is like sliding on butter!


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owenrita121 said:
Ben 10 or thi3teen . Those two ride are very smooth , thats mainly because they are new though.
Just because something is "New" does not mean it's smooth. Ridiculous comment.


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dominoes said:
^But it does help.
Agreed! One of the smoothest coasters I have ever ridden was Desert Race. But when I rode it this year it was really bumpy and rattling.. :/ So to be new definitely helps for a smooth experience. Or at least if it's Intamin! But of course, a brand new SLC wont be a guarantee for a smooth experience.. :p