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"Shuckin' Escapade" | USA CF-Live | Trip Reports


Slut for Spinners
Matt, it was quite an experience traveling with you. I had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat. I enjoyed your pictures once again. You really wrote a great report of the post live add on and especially New York. Brilliant job.
^ Don't speak to me at ALL Mr.Comes-to-Windsor-and-doesn't-notify-his-best-Canadian-friend-in-the-world :p .

And it's never out of turn for me to speak! I shall speak whenever and wherever I desire! :p

Appropriately muffled - furie!

Don't talk about muff around Taylor.. she gets excited -Snoo


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And the end of epicness. Like I said before, wish I could've been there. I probably would've cried (not as hard as Taylor did though :p). Next year bastards, next year!


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Great...my Christian guardian just had to walk in just as Marcus was zooming on on Taylor while she squeezed her tits :roll:

Next year, I hope...next year...
Aw that was so cute.. BESIDES YOU GUYS STEALING MY MONEY FOR PIZZA. It's okay though, you know I would have paid for you guys if you would have asked anyway :p . And yes Brad I remember you got really hyper in the evening.. I wsa too sad to be hyper :p .

Cute video Snooosta!


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Tyre cred! I'd forgotten about that one.

Remember the evil look he gave us?!