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"Shuckin' Escapade" | USA CF-Live | Trip Reports


Slut for Spinners
Brad is a bit ridiculous. Voyage and Diamondback are absolutely lovely. We've been having a ton of fun so far, especially making fun of Taylor. It's hard to believe that only three days have gone by.


The Legend
Today was an amazing day at Worlds of Fun.. and it was fantastic to meet tomahawKSU.. I'm glad you could have stopped by and enjoyed our group!

Tomorrow is Silver Dollar City. :)

Roody Poo

Roller Poster
Flap flap ;)




Strata Poster
Had a great time with you guys today! One of the best days I have had at any theme park in a very very long time!

I'm sorry you guys have to hang out with flappers the rest of the trip. Wish I could have just continued on the trip with you! Next year for sure though! Also glad you guys got some real barbecue Kansas City style!
Haha I can safely say I'm having one of the best trips of my life! To sum it up right now since I'm on the crappy hotel computer, everything has been pretty much hilarious and awesome, even if it IS at my expense pretty often :lol:

Tom it was nice meeting you even though you caught on with making fun of me near the end of the day!

Indiana Beach tomorrow.. Yay!


Strata Poster
Guys, please do me a favor, anymore ferris wheels, somebody rock the cart and make Taylor scream. That was seriously hilarious. It was great meeting all of you, except Taylor, you suck. But all kidding aside it was a blast and I wish I could have continued on the trip, I am truly jealous!


Slut for Spinners
The trip is quickly coming to an end but were still having a ton of fun. Tomorrow is our last day, but it should be one of the best. I can't wait to ride phantoms revenge and ravine flyer!


Matt SR
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Social Media Team
Just when you thought Brad was bad for kidnapping a kid for a credit on KI's kiddie coaster, he does it for Jr. Gemini.

Oh, and I used my Price is Right announcer voice in line for Disaster Transport!
Matt that was hilarious. Come on down!

I'm really depressed that I had to leave today, tears formed and whatnot. Trip reports should be starting to properly come tomorrow considering the fact that I get home tomorrow. I had the best weeekkkkk ever.



The Legend
Well.. it was an amazing trip. Found several new friends along with rode dozens of new coasters + had some of the most fun I've ever had.

Gavin = <3
Brad = 8===D
Hixee = Muscle.

I can't wait to do this all again soon.


Matt SR
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Marcus also discovered he can grow a lumberjack beard.


Matt SR
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Social Media Team
You're the next Old Spice man.


Seriously though, the Live was a blast. And congrats to Brad, he is the first person I have witnessed to ride all 18 credits at CP in one day!

Roody Poo

Roller Poster
Had a great time on the live, definitely one of the best. Too bad I have a bruise from the lips flapping in my face. :p
Can't wait till next year!


Slut for Spinners
I'm going to try and make this as short as possible since I'm tired and I want to go to bed.

King's Island was the first day. It was nice to see everybody again, but it was watered down because I lost my wallet on Firehawk. Luckily, I was able to get it back. To sum it up, Diamondback still rocks, Adventure Express is still fun, Drop Tower is fab, Beast at night is still lovely, and the park is overall just a fun place to be. Here's my King's Island photos:

Waiting to meet up after Dback:

First drop:

First drop, a bit closer:

Even closer:

Drop Tower:

Waiting after Flight Deck:

Son of Beast is looking especially rickety nowadays. They were doing work in the station too:

More Diamondback goodness:

Messing with Athena, we put her flip flop in the light and she couldn't reach it:

With 10x optical, I can now take photos that I couldn't before:


This photo should explain why we ride Beast at night:

Lastly, we were able to walk through King's Island's light show, which was absolutely gorgeous:

Day two was Holiday World. Excluding Cedar Point and King's Island(because I have already been to them), this was probably my favorite park of the trip. I like how it has the classic amusement park feel, but is a general admission park instead of pay per ride. The Voyage was everything I expected it to be. It was fast, long, and had good forces and great airtime. I can't imagine how this ride would be with Timberliners, which are supposed to make the ride faster and smoother. Even with the old trains, it still is my number 3 coaster. Legend was what I expected as well, a nice long twisty wooden coaster. I never understood why people didn't like it, because I didn't think it was rough or lacking anything for the most part. Raven was a surprise to be completely honest. I didn't see why everybody loved it so much, but now I can see why. The ride is as smooth as a steel coaster, yet it is intense. It doesn't have much airtime, but it has good laterals, and if it were 1,500 feet longer, it would be a top 10 coaster for sure. Pilgrim's Plunge was a fun flume. The lift was awesome and the splashdown was really surprising. The park food was delicious as well. It was definitely the best and probably the most healthy meal we had on the trip. Enough blab, here are pics:

The Raven, it's right along the parking lot:

waiting at the front gate:

That's a lot of silly bands:

Absolutely beautiful:

The ride is full of airtime:

The Legend's first drop, which was pretty good:

The Raven is a very spiffy looking coaster:

Sweet salvation:

The free pop is an awesome touch:

The Legend off in the distance:

It's a long way down:

One moment you're fine:

The next, you're facing a wall of water:

We rode quite a few unique rides on the trip, this is one of them:

Enjoy! Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City are tomorrow.