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Rank the B&M Hyper coasters


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Lead rides on Raging Bull during "warmup mode" with the trims still off.

First ten dispatches after maintenance turns the ride over every day run trim-free. In the Spring, before 3-train ops, guests on the first train or two get that mode, too.

Under normal conditions, though I like 'em all pretty similarly. Hollywood Dreams does surprise how good it is despite the smaller size, though.


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I've only been on Apollo's Chariot. Loved every second of it <3
Super smooth, great floater, and really takes advantage of the terrain. It fits in there perfectly with its surroundings.

And although Leviathan is not a hyper, it does deserve a mention.


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I've on
Y ridden Silver Star and it was quite good. It could've have some more airtime, but it is still a good ride


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1. Apollo's Chariot
2. Goliath
3. Intimidator
4. Behemoth
5. Diamondback
6. Raging Bull
7. Nitro

The first three are almost tied. Raging Bull was so much fun on that day (it HAS airtime and NO trims).
There was nothing great about Nitro's layout.


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I have only ridden Nitro and Shambhala. I thought Nitro was a bit more intense and had more airtime but I only got to ride it once and rode shambhala 8 times: you get a lot of floater airtime and the first drop is really long and awesome.


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Re: The best B&M Hyper coaster.

Shambhala by a million miles, though I haven't actually been on bad on? Nitro was a bit gross because the helixes made me grey out slightly, but other than that they've all been above average as coasters go.


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Of the ones I've been on...

1 Apollo's Chariot Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Pretty much one of my favorite overall coasters!
2 Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia
3 Diamondback Kings Island
4 Goliath La Ronde
5 Nitro Six Flags Great Adventure
6 Raging Bull Six Flags Great America
7 Intimidator Carowinds

(Riding Behemoth at the end of the month <3)


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I know I've written a list out for this in an identical topic a while ago, but can't find it now. Anyway:

1. Behemoth - Great coaster, great airtime, loads of fun.

2. Silver Star - Clearly something has been done to it since a lot of negative reviews I've read. When I rode it last year, it had loads of airtime and I absolutely loved it.

3. Apollo's Chariot - I don't know why I liked this so much; I just did.

4. Hollywood Dream - Ok, so maybe not a hyper if you're going by height, but it's the same coaster type. Really fun little ride with decent airtime.

5. Nitro - Again, a fun ride. Let's be honest, there's not a massive difference between a lot of them.

6. Diamondback - A case of being overhyped I think. I liked it, but it didn't blow me away.

7. Intimidator - Actually really crap. I don't know why, but it was nowhere near as good as the others.


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1. Leviathan (I'm counting it, deal with it) - just amazing. The height, the speed, the massed of lovely floater airtime... just amazing. Definitely more of a front row ride though for the best airtime.

2. Nitro - Just bliss throughout. The dirty helix I personally enjoyed.

3. Behemoth - This has a dirty helix too, and it's just as fun as Nitro's. Back seat riding is the best on here.

4. Apollo's Chariot - As 'fun' as it is, it's the worst B&M hyper (in a loose sense) I've ridden. The airtime is almost non-existent, although I was a fan of the layout.

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gavin said:
6. Diamondback - A case of being overhyped I think. I liked it, but it didn't blow me away.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who also thought it was overhyped. I liked it, but the airtime wasn't much yet it is SO praised.


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I've only been on Shambhala, but wow, it went straight to my #1 spot and is the most re-rideable coaster I've ever been on! The ride is mindblowing in every way.

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Every B&M Hyper I've been on I've adored, but to rate them...

1. Nitro - just incredible. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face for a month
2. Shambhala - orgasmic amounts of airtime and I'm so glad that we have such a ride that's fairly easy to get to from the UK
4. Apollos Chariot - a little less on the airtime-side, but still gorgeous


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^It might just be that it was running really well the day we had the US live last year, but it seemed fast and had more (intense) airtime! :) It also mixes up the layout a lot better with some high G elements like the hammerhead turn and helix, which none of the other B&M hypers I've been on (Apollo, Shamby, Silver Star) have done...

Mysterious Sue

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Nitro has a similar amount of airtime to Shambles, but I think andrus is right in that it's just that little bit more intense.


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Only Diamondback and Goliath SFoG for me (unless we want to count Titan and Goliath as well :wink: ). Both are favorite hypers with great forces and solid layouts.


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I know people tend to love it, but Nitro doesn't do it for me. Both it and Intimidator have those diving hills as the first "air-time" hill, and it seems to through the pacing off.


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1 - Nitro
2 - Apollo's Chariot
3 - Goliath (SFoG)
4 - Intimidator

They're all pretty fun really, but I'd say the biggest gap is between Goliath and Intimidator.


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1. Apollo's Chariot
2. Nitro
3. Goliath (SFoG)
4. Behemoth

They're all pretty close. Apollo is my favorite because I had one of my all time favorite ride experiences on it with some friends last year. It also gets my vote because it provides all that nice airtime while also using the awesome VA landscape to give a really unique experience. Nitro is intense and has great length and airtime; Goliath has one of the more unique layouts, with that helix....Behemoth just seems to creep over those hills. I like it quite a bit in the back row, but if you're in the front your airtime is easily the worst of the bunch.


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rtotheizzo17 said:
I think I have only been on 4, will be riding Bohemoth in 10 days....

Goliath over Georgia
Apollo's Chariot