hyper coaster

  1. Matt N

    Are B&M Hyper Coasters sub-par in the modern age of coasters?

    Hi guys. In spite of B&M's reputation for quality, I've noticed that that enthusiasts have generally gone off their coasters a lot in the last 5-10 years; every installation of a B&M coaster these days seems to be met with groans and a general sense of antipathy. Even the company's airtime-based...
  2. Matt N

    Who is your favourite manufacturer of hyper coasters?

    Hi guys. With airtime becoming the new “in thing” within the last 10-15 years or so, many parks have opted for hyper coasters as a means of providing airtime. Many manufacturers build or have built hyper coasters, so my question to you today is; which manufacturer builds the strongest hyper...
  3. M

    B&M’s Next Hyper/Giga Coaster Installation

    After B&M built Candymonium at Hersheypark as a hyper coaster and Orion at Kings Island as a giga coaster, do you think that they will design and manufacture more hyper/giga coasters? If so, where will they build their next hyper coaster at? If you think that B&M will build their second hyper...
  4. M

    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex

    Well, we haven’t heard from RMC about where will the first T-Rex coaster be located at. I’ll go over the Raptor and the T-Rex: *Raptor - It is a smaller single-rail track compared to the T-Rex track that doesn’t have to be a Hyper-Raptor or a Giga-Raptor. *T-Rex - It’s the original single-rail...
  5. M

    Kentucky Kingdom’s next coaster for the 2022 season

    Since Herschend bought Kentucky Kingdom, the RMC Raptor project has been terminated for the 2021 season. Their new coaster plans will be delayed until the 2022 season.
  6. Amanolive

    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    Simply just rank the B&M Mega Coasters in the order you prefer. The ten coasters are: Apollo's Chariot, Behemoth, Diamondback, Goliath (SFOG), Goliath (La Ronde), Hollywood Dream: The Ride, Intimidator, Nitro, Raging Bull, and Silver Star. I've only been on two (Apollo's Chariot and Nitro)...