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Edward M

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Idea: Derren Brown will do a live show where he makes millions disappear. And by live I of course mean Augmented Reality. It’s a real theater but Brown’s face will be pasted onto a confused employee. It will a capacity of 70 pph, with 2 preshows both explaining the next preshow
So a few months ago I jokingly said this on Discord.

And today this was spotted at Thorpe.

Chris Brown

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I’d be very surprised if they went for a dive coaster. No real basis as to why, I’d just be surprised.

Can see them going for an RMC ala Goliath at SFGA, on paper UK’s first hybrid coaster sounds like a pretty Merlinesque idea and they’d be pretty dumb to not atleast get RMC to pitch against their go to manufacturers. Can’t see them expanding onto swarm island anytime soon but could see them integrating whatever comes into this new Docklands area that houses DBGT and utilising the existing slammer site. Either that or a launch coaster with a substantial layout, something that won’t trump stealth but will do a bit more in terms of layout.

Matt N

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Out of interest, why does everyone seem to think it will be a B&M mini dive?

Admittedly, you could ask the same question about a B&M hyper or any of the other ride types being suggested, but a B&M mini dive seems a little redundant at Thorpe to me, as Saw in the same park, if you get what I mean.

I would love a SheiKra-style ride at the park, though!

Matt N

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We haven't even seen any signs of anything coming in 2020 so...
Sorry to correct you, ATI, but we actually have had a sign of a 2020 coaster at Thorpe in the form of this image that I posted about in the Project 2020 thread:
Now, I'm not just plucking a 2020 coaster for Thorpe off the top of my head here, because in July 2017, members of TTSP Forum were introduced to Project 2020 at a talk during one of their events. They were given this image to go off of (Credit to TTSP):
View attachment 3404
Now for those of you that don't know, this is an image of the Meydan Bridge in Dubai, and apparently symbolises "the road to 2020". However, my take on it is that they could have chosen any old road and put that on it if they wanted to symbolise the road to 2020, and that they chose the Meydan Bridge for a reason. And that reason, in my opinion, is because the Meydan Bridge resembles airtime hills by design. Which would imply that the park is looking into some sort of airtime-focused coaster for 2020.

The team who led the talk also apparently said that they want an attraction with 3 key things that Derren Brown's Ghost Train (Thorpe's last major investment) lacked; high reliability, high throughput and the ability to market itself.
So Thorpe themselves have talked about a 2020 project before now, and that image is not fan-made.

Admittedly, something could have happened between now and July 2017 to delay Project 2020, but that image is what I'm going off of.
I don't think anybody actually does? I guess you could call it a "meme" but I thought memes were supposed to be funny so I'm not too sure.
Ah right. Thanks for the clarification @Ethan!


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It's clearly implying that they're about to work on Stealth, which is obviously very big...but I wouldn't be surprised if there is also a second intended meaning in it.


They’re just saying that they are about to under go a big job, aka the lift hill chair, motor and gearbox refurb on Nemesis Inferno. You’re reading far too much into it.


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I'm all for discussing nerdy, small, mundane topics. CF is a forum after all and it's the perfect place to do it. This thread is just people jumping at anything to make an assumption and I think I've just realised whilst typing this that the only way to escape it is for me to just stop reading it ;)

Only issue with that is that I'm actually curious about what their next investment will be, if they even get anything of note in the near future, so I'm inclined to open this thread when I see it.