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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


Now I'm really hoping for pistons or something else similar! It would be pretty neat if they managed to sneak a smoke machine in amongst the pies somewhere


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The pipes certainly add a lot more detail to the wall and do a good job at breaking up the featureless rust wall, but I really hope they either wrap the pipes around the corner such that they "disappear" or add some interesting looking cap pieces. Right now, it looks like they added pipes simply to add pipes.


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These pipes are ugly because you can clearly see that they are intended to be used on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
These pipes are ugly because you can clearly see that they are intended to be used on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
You mean these are standard pipes you can just bye in a shop? Well, this fact alone doesn't make it ugly per se. It's just plain black pipes after all. But ok, for someone who's dealing with this kind of materials it might take away something recognizing it. But I definitely don't.

Anyway, I think for the overall impression it's actually more important how they arrange them. Let's see what they make out of it...
Looks amazing, yet a lot to come where still is wooden walls etc.
And those seats of FLY look evil! Reminds me of an Alien.
Yes they do, very minimalistic and more modern. But it will fit theme definitely. So cool to see that the people fly by you so closely to that fence. It gives an even more inmersive feeling.


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While I find it strange (especially from working in a park myself) in times of limited numbers and to do so at the end of summer when typically wouldn't be so busy anymore, but then not knowing the situation behind the scenes; there could be perfectly a normal explanation - Phantasialand this week have been advertising heavily for new ride operators and staff for Sweets + Snacks outlets. Would suit perfectly for F.L.Y. + Rookburgh's Chocolate & Candy Shop or is it just an annoying coincidence as we approach the end of construction work?

Additionally this week a call for new hotel staff includes Hotel Charles Lindbergh - the opening tagline now being "Three Hotels - Three Experiences".
A sign of impending opening or another annoying coincidence? haha

While new marketing material could be just for the extended Autumn/Winter season a poster on PhantaFriends.de also claimed the park have put out a call to marketing agencies looking for people to do filming work for them.

Coincidences too good to be true? Or will the wait be soon over in the next months? We'll see I guess...


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Not sure if someone mentioned it here yet, but in the „bleib neugierig“ podcast (stay curious) by Chris Theis from Phantasialand they are teasing the 18th September 6:00pm for something exciting to happen. Maybe that‘s a hint for a possible rookburgh announcement.
Thanks for sharing this, CSLKennyNI!

Coincidences too good to be true?
In that job announcement, imo the way they write it clearly implies that they are offering jobs for Rookburgh. So, I don't think that we are over-interpreting anything here.

However, it still doesn't tell when it will start, does it?

But all in all, it seems to me that they are considering (provided the Covid-19 situation allows for it) an opening of Rookburgh for Wintertraum (either for all or exclusively for hotel guest).


Phantasialand altered the summer operating season so the park will remain open all the way to Wintertraum, so an October opening for Rookburgh wouldn't be out of the question imo.


I really hope that it’s the case, and an October/November opening does take place. I imagine many are in a similar position to me - I will book a trip over this year if it opens, but otherwise will wait until next season.

Can’t say I’m optimistic though, every photo from inside the area looks like there is so much to do. Maybe though it’s like Klugheim - if I recall previous posts from @CSLKennyNI, in the few weeks before Klugheim opened there was still a vast amount of work to do that was completed in time.