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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


At every stage the pipes have looked better than the Smilers - and now most importantly they have a complete route that makes sense. The symmetry is more than just a pattern, its like decent cable management. Satisfying.

Maybe they will leave the clearly un-finished doors like this just to spite us. I think that was on page 290 of the schedule.
Those doors will go. Just hope they add automatic opening doors like Matamba has. Especially as the sensor is quite far away and you never have to wait for the door to open.


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I'll be the fussy bugger who points out that the edge pipes aren't symmetric and it's the most annoying part of the wall now.


Ooh it's looking a little better! I still think there's something going on those grey supports on either side of the top of the wall though...


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The emblem is fab! Also the post on Insta is still there, it's in his story. Really hope that's not the final logo as it doesn't really feel aligned with the theme of the rest of the land?


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I'm not against the logo now, it's actually slightly grown on me since we first saw it. I think once it's in situ, it'll come alive and fit a little better.


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I get the idea for the logo - I believe it was pointed out it resembles badges that pilots receive? - and the wings give a subtle nod to Phantasialand's love of dragons. And in it's own right it's cool. But with everything else we've seen, it doesn't seem to quite fit?

Maybe as Lofty says it'll feel more natural in context. But for now, the jury is still out.


It looks like there's something going on, the doors seem set further back from the front in that new shot. I can't see the separator between the doors and the top either, but they could both by a trick of the light.

I wonder if the top could be getting an arch over top, instead of chimneys like we assume?