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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020



Here I am bringing you the scoop from outside the park.

As a word of caution for the faint hearted; my language is a little spicy.

Also, here’s a photo of me touching the wall. Don’t try this at home folks (not without your tetanus jabs, at least).

From my up close inspections I can confirm that it has both the touch and sound of a regular wall. Very impressive.
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I don't know yet. I leaning both ways.
( I made the mistake once to judge the look before it was finished. And it turned out really nice when it was. And thinking about it, it happened the other way around as well. So I'll wait till it is finished. Finished product is what it was meant to be anyways..) Like the pipes though.


It might haven been mentioned before... but I'm really curious to know what will be on top on both sides? The four large square rods must be there to hold something significant in place surely?


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From those Looopings shots you get a nice look at the hotel bridges and walkways, the coaster supports having been repainted with a rust texture Nemesis style, middle left part of the enclosed bridges I posted about recently speculated to be the queueline and the nice themed railings and lanterns down on the paths. However the theming elements from the preview model for that centre cluster of track around the 1st launch are still missing though. As prefabricated elements it probably wouldn't take long to put in place, presumably they are being left until last once surrounding finishing work is done.

Over behind the 1st launch structure you can spot here a small covered set of stairs and walkway. And near the bottom you can see that they've painted some supports with a rust texture ala Nemesis.

On the topic of the covered stairs and walkway though.
PHLMarcus of PhantaFriends recently shared his speculation about new paths, stairs and bridges that have arisen in the area.
Red: existing elevated paths, orange: existing stairways

of course difficult to say which of these is perhaps only for evacuation or access purposes. However since these paths are covered and have built in grids so nothing can be thrown down, one would assume they are accessible by normal guests. A speculative suggestion for how it could be connected up as a queue line for F.L.Y. (with some extra annotations)

Would certainly be a great dynamic queue and add another dimension to Rookburgh winding its way through the area and coaster above the paths below if it does turn out like that.
Another shot from me yesterday - you can see the enclosed queue section that runs along the back of the facades here. The necessary visible wall sections have been brick themed, hand railings in place, dividing walls put up and roofing being placed over.