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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


I mean at the end of the day Phantasialand already have Afrika, alt-Berlin, mexiko and China (soon to become Asia supposedly).

There’s europa park just down the road who’s whole park is themed to different countries around Europe...

If phantasialand were to make new areas themed to countries it would be somewhat unoriginal and would make them fail to stand out to their major competitor 4 hours south of them. That’s why I think lately they’ve been so heavily focussing on improving the fantasy area, introducing Klugheim a medieval village and now rookburgh, another imaginary steampunk world. The park is about immersion and taking the guests to this imaginary world, it’s less about realism and trying to create real life places which is what europa park and Epcot are more trying to achieve.

I really like the way Phantasialand are moving forwards, some areas themed to countries which brings you the realism and detail of real life like Africa and Asia and makes you feel like you are exploring the world, but the park also takes you away to imaginary lands such as wuze Tal and klugheim which really immerse you and really take you out of this world and make you forget about day to day life. I think rookburgh will really help with that, it’s going to be a land full of detail and immersion, I really hope we won’t know where to look when we are inside.


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This is what’s looks like when Phantasialand is doing a country theme, and this looks ugly af.

Wow, it somehow looks way better in the first picture, before River Quest was around.
And holy sh*t, I never realised how much better River Quests Elevators look now. I've been going to the park for years, but seeing older pictures really showed me again how much they have improved their theming!
I think you misunderstood. Oliver probably meant an actual country or continent theme like Afrika, Mexico, Antarctica etc

You are completly right. I meant a country theme in more of the sense of a "country" or continent not a western theme which indeed was quite bad. I just said it is easier to pull off a good country theme as you always have source material. Just google for pictures and travel to the place and you will know how it should look. Or you can buy things from that country or continent like they did with some of the decor in Africa and the roof tiles in China. The imaginary lands is harder to pull off an immerse the guests. They did great with Klugheim but will Rookburgh be equally immersive?
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Just the friendly reminder that "Africa" is not a country. :)

I always seem to forget ?. Does anyone know why they didnt just call the land "Mali" or "Timbuktu" as it clearly seems inspired by the ancient city of Timbuktu?



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Apart from the fact that imo the terms "Timbuktu" or "Mali" wouldn't evoke the same associations as "Africa", most of the theming elements were manufactured in Cameroon, so I think the area is meant to more generally represent an african-like theme than an exact african country or even city.


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havent read in a while on the forum, been checking it every day :D

im wondering if they are gonna add more to that wall... seems kinda blend in a lot of spots and im not sure that is what they are going for but since the rest of the walls all look so "full" with decorations, and i cant say im a huge fan of the hotel entrance.
but i must say, the brick walls and the wall on the side of wuze town look alot better!
got mixed feeling about the steampunk and how it fits with the rest of the park.:D
Africa is becoming a bit of a stranger in our midst, dont get me wrong i like the theming on Black Mamba but since they start to add more fantasy stuf...

and honestly i cant see them opening F.L.Y. this year, the virus is heating up everywhere in europe, wich makes me believe the winter will be even more critical...?
maybe we can see them soft opening but i dont think phantasia ever did that before....

Cant help but wonder what it will mean for the rest of their plans.?
If the hollywood ride is going to be there for a couple more years.
and if it was supposed to be quite quickly replaced after Rookburgh.
but then again didnt they start work on rookburgh or atleast the atlantis ride demolition when taron was being constructed?
so probably they will slow things down a bit wait for the storm to lay down, open fly, make some money and then look ahead... what are your ideas about it??