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Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend

I decided to get this album after actually getting quite hooked on his 2 singles released, I was a tiny bit sceptical because I had his previous album (I Created Disco) and wasn't particularly impressed by it. This album on the other hand was completely different! It's such a summery album (shame about the crap weather) and every song is rather catchy albeit a bit same-y.



Love that album ^

'Im not alone' has been my favourite single for a while and im also a big fan of 'Dance with me' and 'Ready for the weekend'


ciallkennett said:
Vagabond - Don't Wanna Run No More
Yessss, Vagabond! Saw these at Middlesbrough Music Live in June, they were a last minute replacement for another act that pulled out and wow, I'm glad they were there. They're class live, their album, 'You Don't Know The Half Of It' is awesome and I love this cover a bit too much..


Apparently The XX are supporting Florence And The Machine on her tour, so I'll hopefully get chance to see them there!


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I myself like the older music bands, and players.

Guns N Roses
Velvet Revolver
Michael Jackson (yes, his music is awesome :D )
Judas Priest
Joe Satriani
Motley Crue
Ozzy Ozbourne
Black Sabbath
Bon Jovi
Van Halen

Those kinds of bands.

And now for my favorite, and a totally original metal song:

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vewm5l-i-yw[/youtube] ^Thats the **** :D


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New Radiohead song.
They released it for free on their website (it's still up if you want it) a couple of weeks back, but I've only just got round to downloading it.
It's taken a while to get into, but it's certainly worth a listen.


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Just Jack's new album is fantastic. Wont go into a big review right now but check it out, some fantastic tunes, my pics are Embers and Goth in the disco.


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I like the lyrics, reminds me of Pleasure Beach.



2 acts from reading who blew me away:

Wasn't a fan before, now really getting into them, going to see them when I get back to Manchester.


That's one fo the better sounding videos out there, no official releases yet. Got tickets to go see them in Blackpool in December too.

And finally a band I wish had played Reading.



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Shinedown. Trust me, you will be hearing more of them. They are huge stateside apparently but nobody seems to know them over here. I am going to see them at the London Forum in November as well.

I will once again recomend R.E.M. to anyone that hasn't listened to them properly. Everyone knows Loosing My Religion and Everybody Hurts but they have a lot of other great stuff.


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I'll follow Ormerod's White Lies post with the La Roux version of that track, performed on Radio1. If you like her, you'll love it, if you don't like her, i'm sure you'll hate it. Personally, I think its bloody beautiful. So haunting.


While we're on covers, another love or hate one from Radio1. Florence & the Machine's version of Beyonce's Halo. Again, a bit different, and she's got one hell of a voice, but I don't know it fits this song so well.


If there was ever a song to fit her voice though, it her version of You Got The Love, which is an epic song originally anyway.


love the new all time low song - weightless

Screaming Coasters

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Shakira - She Wolf


**** me, I'm spent!!
What a choon and what a girl!!!


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With the rerelease of The Beatles albums I have recently gotten really into them again. I have been a huge fan all my life. At the moment my favourite song is George Harrison's Within You Without You from Sgt. Pepper.

I got the new Muse album yesterday. I am not sure wether I'm to impressed. It's not necessarily bad but it isn't as good as it's predecessors. I will let it grow though. I like the Exogenesis Sympohony tracks on it though.


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^I'm really liking the new Muse album but I haven't heard all of it yet (listening to it as I type this).


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New Muse album sounds okay at best to me at the moment. Nothing particularly amazing about it.

On the other hand, the new Jamie T album is something really special. His first album, Panic Prevention, was a great album, and something so different too, but he's gone one step further with the new one, Kings & Queens. There's very little out there that sounds like him, its all very low-key stuff, catchy but different tunes, with his brand of rapped/spoken vocals over the top. Some of the lyrics are brilliant, everything fits beautifully, its proper storytelling, rather than just vocals. Its songwriting to be jealous of.

Its been a while since i've listened to an album and been instantly blown away by it, in fact I think the last time was Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly's debut album back in '06, but listening to Kings & Queens on the way home from work last night I was sat there with a big smile on my face, and not a lot does that.



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Heard Uprising from Muse, not bad, like it because it is about how **** labour are and we should kick them out. Can't go wrong with that kind of story.