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And also, did we find out if it’s a standup or not? Rcdb still lists it as one.

It's a sitdown I'm afraid. That comes from someone who's seen the trains.
The original bit of it being a Standup came from the ECC's First Drop magazine and in the latest edition they printed a correction that its actually a sitdown too.


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Took them a while to build the second launched full-circuit Invert, didn't it? Not sure if I'm more puzzled by the fact that Volcano remained the only one for so long, or the fact that they decided to give it another go.


Can't wait to see a video of this duelling. The actual layouts look tight too, lots of brutal looking transitions and hopefully some powerful airtime hills. Despite the gimmick they've still packed in an Intamin-ey looking coaster.

But bloody hell, that support structure for the loop that's half red and green looks disgusting. There's so many other colour combinations that would be both easy on the eye and make each track stand out.


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Looks fab I love it <3 I just wish they made all the supports grey or white, would have looked so much cleaner.


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^Is that Intamin's second ever zero-g roll right there?

Also, I'm not overly fussed on the layouts, there does look to be some dull moments mixed in with the inversions.


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I really don't understand the point of getting a duelling ride that's never going to duel anyway. I mean it's China. And Wanda already doesn't make Battle of Jungle King duel. :emoji_thinking: