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Ha, I had no idea this was a thing. The ride looks like it could be solid, and the interactions will obviously be great to look at. Looks a bit gross aesthetically doesn't it? Those color schemes even on their own don't look good, not sure why they thought it could work together. The track style change is also interesting (going from new-Intamin track to old-Intamin) although I guess it makes sense for the launch/loop connection and for the tight turns afterward.

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Can't really see, but does this have lap-bars? It would be a really fascinating development if so.

Otherwise, looks pretty fun to me :)


And they're already running them so they don't duel. Pathetic.

/sarcasm, obvs (but obvs not obvs enough)


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Not accusing them of anything, but just noting that @davidm has been known to arrange photographs of trains into positions they weren't really in... ;)
From those videos ^ though, it does look like they launch at the same time / hit the loop in sync. Nice.
(Could see it on the sitdown video)


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Both coasters look really good fun! And the interaction on the sit down coaster looks really good.

Based off those POVs, it really feels like a complete experience - two coasters which have been designed to duel and look good together without compromising on experience!