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It's not the weight of the trains. That could be accounted for by reinforcing the structure. After all, an S&S 4D coaster train weighs somewhere in the vincinity of as much as a sit-down and an inverted train put together, and it needs only one set of rails to carry the weight.

The "killer" is the dynamics. A train will vibrate and its motions strain the track in different ways, usually solved by making the track flexible so it yields to the forces. But two trains influencing the same track structure simultaneously creates a very complex pattern of dynamic motions, and you can't flex against it since the forces pull in different directions at the same time (just try to imagine how the forces of the wheel bearings change based on the number and placement of riders in each car, for instance). The combined two-train track would get some really wonky strains put on it, increasing the risk of fractures in the long run.

So the simplest solution is to make the coaster as two intertwined - but not touching - structures. That way, they can both flex against their own dynamic motions, without being influenced by the other. Expedition Everest does the same thing. The coaster (influenced by the train), the yeti (influenced by the [former] motions of the multi-ton animatronic) and the mountain (influenced by wind) all have their separate load-bearing structures that don't touch each other, so they don't wear each other out.

I'm not completely sure how Full Throttle solves it, but I'm guessing that it never runs two trains through the loop-hill at the same time. That wouldn't be an option for a duelling coaster, though.

While i was completely on board with what you were saying at the time. Turns out it was wrong I'm afraid. They ARE using a single support system. Track has shown up at the has shown up at the Stakotra plant in Slovakia.
During the launch and first inversion the track shares a kind of double spine track before splitting off for 2 separate duelling layouts.

And yes its an Intamin.

A big shout out to Mario M. at coasterfriends who dug this up.
Sources: http://www.stakotra.sk/project/dual_dragons_wanda via https://www.coasterfriends.de/…/9580-201x-neuheit-wanda-gua…
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Just combining a few images to give an idea whats going on with some of the near misses. The colours appear to be reversed on the larger image compared to the smaller ones though



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And now we have a pictue of the premier project. At least in part as obviously KUKA make the arms.


Recently, Guangzhou Wanda multidimensional theater riding equipment prototype in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States successfully tested. Ride equipment prototype by the roller coaster chassis, KUKA four-degree-of-freedom arm and cockpit composition. Prototype equipment in a 15-meter track on the test, to achieve the equipment to walk, the normal operation of the four-degree-of-freedom arm to achieve the purpose of the prototype test.

Multi-dimensional cinema combines the dark riding equipment (four-degree-of-freedom arm) with the roller coaster experience. Through the performance control combined with the Chinese mythological storyline, visitors can experience free rolling and flying shuttles in the indoor space, breaking through the traditional indoor Rail car project sports space constraints, greatly enhancing the project's ornamental, irritating. The success of prototype equipment testing saves time for Guangzhou Mock UP Multi-Dimensional Cinema Mock UP Test, confirms the test direction and lays a solid foundation for the follow-up joint effect of the project.


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It's finally happening.

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The name of the Intamin invert/sit down dueling combo is Dual Dragons according to RCDB. The name sort of reminds me of the now deceased Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge at IOA, and the ride sort of reminds me of Battlestar Galactica.