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First coaster of 2010

I went to BGA first so Kumba was it.
The first coaster that was new to me was Hollywood, Rip, Ride, Rockit.
I will go back to BGA so Air Grover will be the first 2010 coaster that I will ride.
It doesn't look like I will be going to Knoebels, Carowinds, Kings Dominion, or Kennywood this year
so I will miss the major new rides for now.
WAIT. Just remembered I went back to Hyde Park on January 2nd. So my first coaster of 2010 was the inverted EuroCoaster, aka the "OMG,WTF"coaster :lol:


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^Haha that was scary. It felt like the car was going to drop and fall at any moment. :lol:
^Ahaha, I know! And to make things worse, our car got stuck on the lift hill for a bit :?

Still, wasn't as terrifying as the Snow Storm flat ride they had. I was actually convinced I would die :oops:


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I was hoping it would be I-305, but now it looks like it will be my usual. The kid & I will be on the first El Toro train out of the station on opening day for the fifth year in a row!


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It's Yeah Yeah Yeahs (the avi is the cover of their Zero single). Can't stop listening to them lately...


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Contrary to what I thought it would be earlier in the topic, my first coaster of '10 was Oblivion - I had literaly about 3-4 inches between me and the restraint giving me the best airtime-filled Oblivion ride I've ever had :D


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First (and right now only :( ) coaster of 2010: Titan at Six Flags Over Texas. Finally wasn't chicken enough to leave space in my lap bar and got INSANE airtime.


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Oh bollocks. I tried not to, but it was Th13teen. I'm such a silly fanboy! :p


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Turned out it was Sonic Spinball, Oblivion was second and Thirteen third. Can't remember my predictions, but I'm pretty sure Oblivion and Thirteen were mentioned, so wasn't far off.