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First coaster of 2010


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None yet this year. That's bad. Fact is, I've been totally out of the loop coaster-wise for a couple of years now. Barely visited a coaster site, but recently I've been looking around here again and its certainly re-ignited my interest.

Might get in a visit to the Pleasure Beach when I'm in Blackpool for a festival in a few weeks. Hopefully it can be the start of a re-introduction to the world of coasters! It's felt too long...


I went to Canobie Lake Park unexpectedly, at the urging of my friend. It was pretty fun, but I can't say my first coaster was anything special; just the Corkscrew. It was a new credit, though. :wink:


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Nothing yet. It will either be Space Mountain or California Screamin. Those might be my only credits of the year. Hope to at least get to Worlds of Fun once, but who knows? My east coast trip got cancelled.