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First coaster of 2010


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I swear we had one for this year...

Anyways, what's the first coaster you have ridden/plan on riding this year?


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I haven't ridden any this year yet but It'll probably be something at Thorpe.


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I can pretty much guaruntee it'll be something at Alton that's open for morning ERT. Unless we don't get there in time, then it may be Thirteen.


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I'm almost positive that it will be Maverick, unless I end up down at King's Island before then somehow.

Nemesis Inferno

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Why this year it's gonna be Nemesis at Towers, an improvement over Inferno ;)

If not, Oblivion or Air...

Half Term opening at Towers will hopefully be win...


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Haven't ridden anything yet =[[[[

Probably something at Thorpe, hopefully Stealth <3


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Haha, holy crap, here I am with year round parks just down the road and I still haven't been on a coaster yet in 2010. Errm, I guess it will probably be X2 or Tatsu or Terminator at SFMM.


Rage again for this year.

Next park will be Alton for Thirteen Live so prob Oblivion or whatever ERT is going, don't be shocked it isn't Thorpe!!


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My first coaster of 2010 was Shockwave the Schwarzkopf looping coaster at Funderland, Dublin at the beginning of January.

I haven't a clue whats going to be next as I don't think I'm going to be doing many coasters this year :cry: .


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Ollie said:
I haven't ridden any this year yet but It'll probably be something at Thorpe.

But because I'm not alowed to say that. It will either be X;/No Way Out, Colossus, Saw: The Ride, Stealth, Nemesis Inferno or Flying Fish.


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ciallkennett said:
Mine will be at Alton on my birthday next week. Most likely Nemesis as I always head there first.
I beg to differ :p

I distinctly remember going in the other direction on November 1st ;)

Myself........ I'm sure it'll be B&M, but Choo Choo Lady could convince otherwise :lol:


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Most of the time, Neal :p That's the first time ever (with the exception of my first trip there when I was 7) that I didn't head to Nemmie first :)