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To add to that track is on site for the Vekoma now





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Wow, both the track showing up and the colour is very unexpected. Great stuff Energylandia!

More lovely new-gen Vekomas <3


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I wonder if this will be better than the new-gen Vekoma half an hour up the road...

EDIT:- Excluding Formuła obviously.

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Do we know about the financing/ownership for energylandia? It is a relatively new park that has built 5 major coasters in the last 5 years, with two more on the way. That requires a fair amount of money! :eek:


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This is a theming conception of the new part of Energylandia. We got it today from a new forum member of Skyscrapercity.
So... it is a file that should not be out but it went out, so I will try to translate the most important things.
The park will be divided into four parts (elements): Fire, Water, Air, Earth each zone will be divided into three subzones.

The entrance zone located in the south-eastern part of the complex was divided into 3 parts. The first of them is a square with an entrance gate - monumental four pylons, symbolizing the elements. The second shopping arcade. The whole is maintained in the architectural style
metaphorically reflecting the features of the four elements. Sustainable use of such
materials like wood, stone, corten, vertical green walls emphasizes the nature of the elements and theirs nature. Passing through a shopping and service street, we come to Positive Energy Square -
third part of the entrance zone. The Energy Center building located on the square symbolizes the sum all elements

From here they lead the entrance gates to each of the elements - the world of 4 Elements.

1.2 FIRE
It is the element of power, determination and courage.The source of energy, the divine spark. Areadivided into modules
themed O1, O2, O3,

01. Gods of Fire
Module inspired by ancient cultures associated with beliefs in the gods of fire and sun,
subordinated to their strength. Maintained in the monumental stylistics of the temple of the phantastics,
providing an exciting meeting with the rulers of fire and sun.
Materials used fort the finish is: stone and boulders (with warm colors), gold applications with accents of red and black.
The indispensable elements complementing the set design are the spells of fire, torches, fiery totems.
Dominant colors: sand, red, gold, yellow, black. Musical background - instruments sounds
wind, drums, rattles (music of pre-Columbian cultures).

Main attractions:
• Arena of horse shows - Atara Arena
Hippodrome as a coliseum-arena, where races take place, chariot races,
quadrants and gladiator fights. In the intervals between the main shows: swallows fire jugglers, etc.
• Spining Coaster - Feast of Gods / Revenge of Gods
Extreme ride, which has two views, just like the Hindu god of fire Agni has two
faces - calm and violent. A calm beginning and end, interwoven with divine anger
- revolutions, fiery cornering.
• Playground - Labyrinth of the Sun - A Fiery Maze

Small attractions:
• Interactive carousel - Fireballs of the Shaman Carousel with fireball shaped seats, painted in fiery colorsa and referring thematically to the subject of fire and sun.

Educational attractions:
• Face painting - Indian / geometric / totemic motifs
• Musical Circle - drums / rattles / stone cymbals
•Augean stables - facilities for horse shows, boxes for horses and sled, opportunity
feeding horses by children,
• educational - interesting facts about horses.
• Sundial - a great sundial,

02. Dragon's Castle
The module is inspired by medieval architecture and urban planning of northern Europe and legends about dragons. An urban foundation referring to the street from that period, the castle's bailey and the ruins. Materials used for finishing are: stone and wood (with cool colors),
metal applications with touches of brown and red (rusty, patina-scratched elements)
equipment inside). The essential elements complementing the set design are torches,
arches, torches, smoky, small elements of set design blackened by smoke and fire. wrought
metal grilles, gargoyles and dragon-shaped gargoyles complete the character of Dragon
Castle. Dominant colors: gray, brown, red, black. Musical background - instruments sounds
medieval, panting and murmurs of dragons, sounds of medieval workshops.

Main attractions:
• Mine Train - Dragon Sign / Fiery Dragon
Roller coaster based on the motive of a ruined and burned castle captured by
dragons. On the way we pass caverns and fire-breathing caves, traces of knights fighting with dragons,
ruins of a big castle.
• Dark Ride - Dragon's Crystal - Journey to the Dragon's Grotto
• Little Monorail - Hatchery of the dragons

Small attractions:
• Mini Roller Coaster
attraction for small children - a ride over miniature medieval villages, stronghold, castles
• Carousel - Little Dragons

Educational attractions:
• Dragon Garden - Benedictine herb garden
• Workshops - Forge, Payer, minting coins
• Medieval School - Dragon Anatomy lessons, types and occurrence of Dragons
in various cultural circles, old tales and legends

O3 - Volcanic Islands
A module inspired by the culture of Polynesian volcanic islands. Attractive scenery using nnatural qualities of the exotic atolls, islands and villages of Oceania. Topics resulting from the merger
hot world of sun, volcanoes and lava. Scenery elements used in the frame
and thematization of all attractions, and in architectural and interior design are: wooden buildings stylized into Polynesian country huts, ethnic sculptures and totems. Nature reminiscent of volcanic landscapes, hills and rock formations, partly overgrown
vegetation (mosses, lichens, vines, ferns, lianas). Rivers and cascades of water, lava, hot springs and geysers. Materials used for finishing are: volcanic rocks (from dark-brown to black), lava, wooden or bamboo constructions, natural fabrics - batik. On the beach burning fires. Dominant colors: red, brown, black. Musical background - Polynesian music, Hawaiian, sound effects, i.e. the murmur of volcanoes, the eruption's roar and the volcano's explosion.

Main attractions
• Mega Coaster - Mega Vulcan
An extreme mega coaster - subordinated to the Hawaiian, capricious goddess of fire
and Pele volcanoes. In the culminating points, the passage of the queue triggers the eruptions passed
volcanoes (flames, fireworks) or other illumination effects and "fiery" obstacles
e.g. a flight through flaming circles.
• Dark Water Ride - The Mystery of the Volcano
Underground river rafting, in an atmosphere of mystery and with visual and sound attractions,
related to geological and archaeological phenomena. Participants enter
the interior of the volcanic mountain, and then in boats / rafts, travel the underground river,
to the climax - the core of the earth (with bubbling lava, bang of explosion, high
Small attractions
• Tilt'Whirl carousel - volcanic stones
The volcanic stones that are lurking around their own axis, flowing on the lava river
• Mini falling tower
A small volcano that evokes a lot of emotions
Educational attractions
• Hermit hut - standing on the sidelines, on the extinct volcano hut. Inside a hermit
telling old legends from the Oceanic Islands
• Handicraft workshops - beads from volcanic tuff, bamboo, wood, Hawaiian
necklaces, ethnic tattoos etc, sculpting MiniTotems
• Volcano Anatomy - multimedia display (construction, cross-section, eruption)


It's cleansing, feelings, subconsciousness and emotions. How our emotions flow,
they are variable and mobile.
The sector, whose leitmotif is water. Divided into three thematic modules W1, W2 and W3, inspired by coastal regions and their architecture, fairy tales, fictional creatures and the legends of the deep waters. All components of the sector, i.e. towns and transport routes, main and small attractions, elements of small architecture, greenery, etc. reflect the nature of the element, at the same time emphasizing the differences that govern variable and mobile water.

W1 - Great Blue
... And here the file is cut for now, maybe we'll get the rest soon

please treat this file with a distance because we do not know too much about it, Energylandia is like to change decissions really fast... we know only that the "Dragon's Castle" section is kind of confirmed by local authorities.
Is there stuff from this post that was unconfirmed or it's still possible ?


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This is the plan until 2032. So, yes, this all will come... but it's possible to changing a few things.

I think a lot of it is funded by the government/EU to boost tourism in the region

Yes and no. They just get 10-20% of some attractions of public money. The most invest is made by the owners who owns a chain of discotheques in south Poland. They made money since more than 20 years... EL startet as an festival park. After one year of pausing festivals, this year the park will have more than 20 festival-days in the summer time directly beneath the park.


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They really did slip that under the radar. Are they still planning on building that hotel? Either they are keeping that very quiet as well *or* they have just not started it yet!