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Energylandia's Future Additions


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I found this posted to CF Chat on Facebook:-


This park is taking the piss. Where is all the money coming from?

Short answer is the EU and government. Basically they'll give money (I think it is actually giving them and not a loan?) towards investment as it helps boost tourism to the country and surrounding area.

Pretty sure this was practically confirmed as the park's intention a little while back, along with a mine train and tilt coaster by 2020?


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^Yep. They get subsidies from the European Union and Polish Government. Since Poland is one of Europe's poorest countries they obviously are hoping a massive theme park will create jobs and boost the economy.

It is crazy though to see the coaster collection they are building up in such a short space of time...

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Of course government and EU subsidies are the obvious answer to explain Energylandia's crazy fast expansion, but I wonder if anyone has some info on the actual owner(s) of the park themselves. Is there a rich/powerful individual or financial group to back up the park along the taxpayer money? Also, how much of the money used for these massive investment actually come from subsidies rather than private funding?

For a park that gets a seemingly limitless amount of funds, they have made some fairly smart choices so far imo. You could do a lot worse than new-gen Vekomas, Intamin Mega and RMC Woodies. Too bad they couldn't wait a few more year for a second generation SLC, and the SBF Spinners feel out-of-place though.


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I found this posted to CF Chat on Facebook:-


This park is taking the piss. Where is all the money coming from?
Well, subsidies from EU are on the first place, but from the other hand, as far as I know, there was no financiall help from government. Since EL has grown, the park can generate proper money by itself, at least for maintenance. The three coasters in 2020 ( Wooden made out of new-generation wood, first launched water coaster, and special mine train coaster ) got financial support from EU for the last time.
In short versoin- EU is giving a lot of money for EL's innovative projects till 2020. So now each coaster in park ( even SLC, which has over 10 copies in Europe ) is NEW, SPECIAL, INNOVATEIVE and so on. And we all know that this is b$%$%hit. They are not first to use VR in their coasters nor first to build RMC or apply any other new tachnologies. But, for EU to give milions and milions of EURO is enough.

The owner of Energylandia is rich but you can't find him in the TOP 50 richest people in Poland... so there are rumors about some other co-owners or financial group, but it's nothing certain.


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And for the rest of us, with limited understanding of the Polish language...

Article posted above... said:
The object of the order is to select an entity that will deliver a new Roller Coaster device as per the following specification:

a. Length of the track - not less than 1000 meters;
b. Construction height - not less than 35 meters;
c. Top speed - not less than 100 km / h;
d. Use of at least two electromagnetic drives on the route, where the second drive drives the train again while driving;
e. The amount of inversion (360 degrees rotation) - no less than 5;

f. Dimensions - dimensions of the foundation foundation within approximately 150 x 90 meters (+/- 25 meters);
g. Preferred overload: 3 G;
h. Preferred maximum negative overloads: -1.2 G
i. Number of trains - 3 or 2 - for 2 trains, no less than 24 passengers. For 3 trains, not less than 16 passengers.
j. Limiting growth - from 120 cm
k. Locking system - individual safety handle.
l. Closing system - double hydraulic closing mechanism.

m. Total ride time excluding boarding / disembarking - no less than 80 seconds.
n. boarding time (up to 40 seconds) / getting off (up to 20 seconds) - Maximum time between train starts on the platform - 70 seconds.
o. Bandwidth assumed per hour - not less than 1000 passengers

p. The main propulsion system - electromagnetic;
q. The main brake system - magnetic;
r. Side track - We require a price. If the supplier offers 3 smaller trains, then the side track should be prepared for 2 trains;
s. Automatic switch - We require a price;
t. Power supply - in the range of 1.5 MW - 2.5 MW.

Water rollercoaster. The roller coaster's design will assume a passage through underground tunnels - at least 3 on the route (the Ordering Party will ensure that tunnels are made according to the Contractor's guidelines, subject to location at the entrance and exit of tunnels, water pumps - "whirlwind effect"). The location of the roller coaster will assume a swimming pool with water around it.

Guaranteed evolutions that should be applied in the roller coaster ::
i) A great descent (the so-called big drop);
ii) camelback (camelback);
iii) Tunnels;
iv) Water.

Also, is this topic worth moving into the Energylandia thread?


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Not surprised it's a Vekoma for the launch coaster, but I'm a tad disappointed that we're not seeing another Mack or Intamin in the world. First Vekoma multi launch though I believe?

Looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their mine train and the rumoured tilt coaster...