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Celebrity Deaths 2009 Edition


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^You snooze you lose :p

Here's some Youtube clip of Patrick singing She's Like The Wind with some shots from Dirty Dancing put over it. Now go buy the soundtrack before they jack the prices up by a tenner.



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^There was only a program about him on last night too, how weird is that?

Patrick Swayze I think was always going to go at some point, he has been struggling with cancer for 2 years and when it was announced back then it sounded like a very serious case.


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I heard Kanye West is going to interrupt his funeral and say it wasn't as good as MJ's


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I said:
I thought this was a topic to predict who you think is going to die this year. It's not, but anyway my money's on Elizabeth Taylor, Patrick Swayze and Karl Malden (actor from the 50s. He wasn't in any of the Saw films, so most of you will have no idea).
Two out of three so far! Come on Liz! You've only got 3 and a half months to go so I can get the hat trick.


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****ing hell, Pete, do you spend all day F5ing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_in_2009 ?

(Anybody found C&Ping that page will LOSE points. I want to see sources other than Wiki.)

I should really update the score board but I lost track when people went OTT about Jacko.

Which reminds me me of a great joke in last months Viz. Jacko was just like Peter Pan, he would magically appear in young kids bedrooms every night.

Just because he's dead doesn't mean we have to forget about the peado rumours as well as his great music.


I refuse to reveal my sources, but I will say that they are British ... like my links :D

*runs off to check Ians link*