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Celebrity Deaths 2009 Edition


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OMG Pierre. How did that death go so unnoticed. You'd think someone would know as he's pretty famous.


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Well i get weirded out when someone who is super fit and younger than me dies.

.. makes me worried becuase i'm an old fat, unhealthy git who drinks and smokes a lot and eats a lot of pies.


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Mario is dead

Wrestling manager Captain Lou, Cyndi Lauper's fake dad, and Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Lou Albano passed away today at the age of 76.

EDIT: Damn!! I was here first but didnt press submit before going to a meeting.. bah.


No sign of his death then, I should imagine that he would be a big enough celebrity to warrant a mention when his 82 year old clogs have finally popped. :p