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For the 20th anniversary, I'd personally love to see the return of Creek Freak Massacre and Containment. In terms of new mazes, I do wanna see the return of a classic. What they could do firstly with returning classics, is give them something uniquely new about it. So if they brought back Freakshow 3D and The Freezer, they could make them into Freakshow 4D and put that in the Screamplexx Cinema, as one of the film offerings. As for The Freezer, I reckon an extended new storyline to give something different to the maze. Like The Freezer: Blood Blizzard (example on the spot). I also think Platform 15 will return, The Walking Dead: Do Or Die area can become Experiment 20 (rebirth of Experiment 10) and also, The Curse: Nightmares Awakening could take place on the marquee on the beach.

As for scare zones, Swarm Invasion and Creek Freak Unleashed needs to stay, along with The Crows and also the merging of two zones; Terror At Amity High and The Howling Of Lycanthorpe High into one zone as a constant battle between the two schools to get new students, before a dance battle every half an hour or every hour. I'd also like to see a scare zone in the Saw plaza, named Saw: Let the Games Begin (again it is an example on the spot) and have roaming pig masked actors jumpscaring around Saw the Ride and even use the Saw Alive queuing area as a closed off actor area where a chainsaw actor comes out of that area every hour or so.

So overall -
• NEW - The Freezer: Blood Blizzard
• NEW - The Curse: Nightmares Awakening
• NEW - Experiment 20
• NEW - Freakshow 4D in Screamplexx Cinema
• NEW - Saw: Let the Games Begin
• NEW - Amity High vs Lycanthorpe High
• RETURNING - Platform 15
• RETURNING - Creek Freak Massacre
• RETURNING - Creek Freak Unleashed
• RETURNING - The Swarm: Invasion
• RETURNING - The Crows


Not got high hopes given how few indoor spaces Thorpe now have to do mazes. I think it's likely we'll see Creek Freak return and maybe another indoor maze in the I'm A Celeb building or in a marquee/shipping containers by Vortex but other than that there will be 3+ low quality filler outdoor mazes masquerading as headline attractions as per usual. The fact it's almost a given that the mediocre Platform 15 will return for its sixth season shows how far the standards of the event has dropped. I want to love Fright Nights but I can't when there's so few proper indoor mazes.


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Benenen has hit the nail on the head with the issue being the lack of indoor spaces available. Especially lack of permanent indoor spaces. Obviously it's not just as simple as flicking the lights on and going with the likes of Creek Freak Massacre, but it's much easier to have a maze fully built and protected, than having to build it, or having it open to the elements like their outdoor mazes. And with the loss of Living Nightmare for Black Mirror, it's difficult.

I'm not a fan of bringing back retired attractions mostly (with the exception of them bringing back stuff from 2019 they couldn't open this year because of Covid). Let the past be the past. Nostalgia plays a huge role, and given it would almost definitely be a completely different team of people designing mazes compared to 5 years ago, for example, I just don't think it'll work.

That said, I wouldn't be wholly against an attraction which pays homage to past attractions. Those sort of things are difficult to get right though.

Ultimately, the 20th anniversary's success will depend on how much the park invest into the event. Which sounds absolutely painstakingly obvious, I know, but is the truth. The 2019 event saw a big investment into Creek Freak Massacre, and you can tell it paid off with the reviews. 2018 was, in comparison, much smaller in comparison (and also spread significantly thinner across more attractions), and it shows.

If they can put in a bumper amount of money into it, make use of a couple of locations in tents and continue the creativity that was shining through some aspects of the event this year, it'll be a good year.

As for some stuff I'd like to see:
-Use the beach and the area by Rush for mazes (stick them in tents or shipping containers)
-Use the walkway outside Saw Alive as a scare zone
-Retain a couple of the other scare zones (if nothing else, this year's event should have showed them the importance of scare zones)
-Return of some sort of extreme experience. Maybe the UK scare industry has moved on from alone experiences, or there's enough 'standard' experiences out there which are full contact to mute the need for these experiences in their own right? But I still feel like there's a place for something like this at Thorpe

(obviously all depends on Covid yadda yadda)
Given how popular the classics are, do we really think Thorpe will want to risk using names like Big Top, Experiment 10 and Asylum when their audience has what could perhaps be deemed as unrealistic expectations? At most we might get a scare zone referencing characters from previous attractions, but I don't think individual mazes will be bought back. Maybe a maze that creates a mish mash of the best scenes from past attractions, but I don't think they'd want to invest in the props/build for that attraction when they'd likely only want it for one year.

I don't really know what to expect from next year. I think the scare zones from 2020 were a huge success and I would hope the park would keep some of them. Creek Freaks Unchained should probably leave given we'll hopefully see Creek Freak Massacre return. I also can't see Swarm Invasion sticking around as it was a bit quiet compared to the other areas. Likewise I hope Lycanthorpe just gets merged with Amity. Great idea, but doesn't work best on it's own.

Maze wise? I would hope Platform 15 would leave. It has had it's time. I think now they're charging for tickets, they need to up their game on this one. The changes for 2020 were decent, but I don't think it matches the standard of something like Creek Freak Massacre. I'd love to see it merged with Roots of Evil, but I can't see them wanting to merge two mazes into one. Could we see something new in Jungle Escape or Black Mirror? Possibly. I mean Jungle Escape has to be on death's door given COVID. Black Mirror I can also see getting some actors added and perhaps some new props/scenes just for Fright Nights. A new container maze? I'd love to see it but i'm not sure how likely it is. I'd love to see a container maze go in where Lycanthorpe was, that's the prime location for it really. Can't see anything anywhere else. I seem to remember there being issues with the beach and the Sanctum location was a bit out of the way.

Fright Nights is an odd one. Has a lot of potential, and has definitely taken massive steps to better itself from 2018. It's a fun event, but it could be so much more. I'm so glad they've clearly got a strong, talented group of creatives working on it. I hope they get the funds to turn it into something spectacular.

Edit: Oh also if they don't do more with the crows this year i'll be genuinely surprised. Maybe a zone, maybe a maze. I think they would be silly not to use them more.