1. Matt N

    Rank the Busch Gardens Tampa coasters

    Hi guys. Busch Gardens Tampa is arguably one of the most prominent thrill parks on the East Coast of America, and most members of CF seem to have been, so I thought I'd make a ranking topic for its coasters. Even though the park itself didn't quite live up to the hype for me when I visited in...
  2. Supernovae

    Photo TR: Walibi Holland | Jesse's Coaster credit hunt

    Dear All, It is time to present you all a new Trip Report from our hands. Last Wednesday we went a day out with the family to Walibi Holland. For our son Jesse it would be his 2nd visit. This time with a little help inside his shoes measured 1.41 meter at the park gate. (It gave him the extra...
  3. GotsFancyPants

    What are some of the best hangtime coasters?

    Hey everyone on CoasterForce! I feel like hangtime is often overlooked by coaster fans and is just as fun as positive gs or ejector airtime for me. What do you think are some great coasters that focus on or have a couple memorable hangtime moments?
  4. Matt N

    Do you count coasters you rode pre-enthusiast?

    Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread like this or if this thread seems a little unnecessary, but I was just wondering; I know many of you keep coaster counts (as do I), but do you guys count coasters you rode before you became an enthusiast? As for my answer to this question, I know that...
  5. Ireeb

    Do you have good pictures of Phantasialand's and Europa-Parks coasters?

    Hi guys, I am planning to print acrylic glass plates with my favorite coasters and hang them on my wall. I found good pictures for most of the coasters I want to hang on my wall, but there are some I am not really happy with. So I thought maybe there are some (hobby)photographers amongst you who...
  6. Sandman

    Industry predictions for 2026

    2016 is almost over. 95% of pop culture icons are dead. Trump is President (elect). Brexit is a word we've still not come to terms with. Many things have happened. But forget all that, let's look at the Theme Park/Attractions Industry. - 2 significant projects announced for UK (SW8 &...