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Photo TR: Walibi Holland | Jesse's Coaster credit hunt


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Dear All,

It is time to present you all a new Trip Report from our hands.
Last Wednesday we went a day out with the family to Walibi Holland. For our son Jesse it would be his 2nd visit. This time with a little help inside his shoes measured 1.41 meter at the park gate. (It gave him the extra 0.01 to spare) So today he would go to all the coaster out there. So it’s time for a Coaster Bingo for Jr. (and take back ours)

Jesse was very excited as this former Six Flags park has 7 coasters and 4 of them have been out off reach yet. So he decided to try to make a “vlog” of the day out. I shot the footage. I played with it in the editor and made this clip of the footage we shot.


Here below I continue the Trip Report with still images:


So we arrived around 11:30 and the park is open till 23:00. Parked on the second field so it could not be that crowdy today. We first start with walking around through the park


"colourfull" plaza/mainstreet.


Cool beatle



Ehm… Oke.. I think.

"Untamed" was still closed . Climbers where clearly visible in the first 2 inversions so we went on to Goliath. After a reasonable 15 minutes we shipped in on the 3rd car from the back. Goliath still give a great ride experience. Jesse liked the ride so much, he later that day “volunteer” in a blindfold challenge on the ride.


Practicing his "vlog" lines.


The shot, no one’s got



The next coaster of the list was "Lost gravity". Also this coaster by Mack Rides was appreciated highly by Jesse. With 3 trains operating it was about 30+ minutes waiting. It wasn’t hard at all, We had fulltime live entertainment by hysterical teen girls preforming about the presents of a lot of wasps in the waiting lines area.






Still no movement on "Untamed" so we decided to follow the route in the direction of "Speed of Sound". Along the route we visited “Draco” an old 8 figure kids coaster and "Tomahawk".


"Speed of Sound" Vekoma Boomerang has been done by Jesse in a former visit, so no new credit here.




After challenging the interactive fountain we went on to “Platform 13”. Jesse could not recall any memories about this ride. He certainly did this coaster his last visit. I think he put this memory deep away as the suddenly approaching metro train scared the hell out of him when you reach the crossing in the waiting line. Even if you know it is there at some point it still gets you by surprise every time.




It was time once again to see if there was movement found at "Untamed" I let the children rage for a while in a foam bath in front of the stage before we moved on.



First anyway went to "El Condor" to see if we could catch them this right. From that moment on we could fully focus on "Untamed". Once there, the train was empty halfway up the lift hill and that is usually not a good sign. Our Coaster Bingo hunter began to be nervous now that two of his list were not operational. Then again a ride on the "Goliath"
When we came out of "Goliath" and proceeded or way towards the "Space Shot" we saw action on "Untamed". Jesse was clearly relieved (He not alone by the way) We went to stand in line, which ended up in a little less than half an hour to get in the middle of the train.










Jesse was filled with excitement when he came out. I can understand why. The last time I got out of a roller coaster so euphorically was my first ride in "Taron". This "Untamed" is equal to that.

Another coaster to go and we all had our park coaster credits complete again. "El condor". Hurray! I once intended myself never to do this one again. But I couldn't let Jesse ride this one alone. This time I came out surprisingly well and without injuries but Jesse was very clear about it. "the best part is the station" "I was able to get off the ride there", says Jesse





Out of order.

Now that we had ticked off all coasters, it was time to have a diner. Because Jesse was quite impressed by the interactive fountain, we went to WAB club for pizza and pasta. (Good portions for an acceptable price, by the way) Unfortunately, the voice of the fountain was also away for diner. To Jesse's disappointment there was only music to be heard from it.


After dinner we decided to catch the "Crazy River" before dusk and we no longer had the chance to dry up. "We do not want to enter the car soaking wet off course," I said. Well that would get some other turn that evening.


To conclude the evening, we decided to go for the "Goliath", "Untamed" and "Lost Gravity" laps. As much as possible.

That resulted in 2 more rides in "Lost Gravity" and 1 more round of dry conditions in the "Goliath" and "Untamed". After that the weather went wrong. The moment we are embarking at the "Goliath" it starts pouring. Jesse, who realized that this was not going to be a nice ride, was so quick to ask for a blindfold to spare his eyes from the raindrops. Upon returning to the station we were completely soaked. As if still soaking wet in the car.

Then we returned back again to "Untamed" to run as much possible laps until closing. 1 x front seat and 3 x Back seat in the dark. Backseat is the best place to sit in this coaster and in the dark the ride is even more crazy to experience.



We enjoyed the Park. Much progress since our last visit. Not too busy and until 11 pm all the time. "Untamed" has positively surprised us. What a successful conversion of "Robin Hood" Our Jesse was tired and satisfied and on the road towards Harderwijk his shutters were already closed.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this report!


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Great to hear more Untamed love coming in. I know it's normal for a new coaster to be surrounded by hype and hyperbole, but I feel that Untamed is genuinely worthy of it. Certainly a contender for best coaster in Europe, and definitely towards the upper end of the RMC's I've ridden.
Nice report, thanks for sharing. :)


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Nice report!
And it seems like we've gone to the park at the same day, I was utterly gutted to see Untamed not running when we arrived at first in the park!