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Rank the Europa Park coasters

Matt N

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Hi guys. Seeing as Europa Park is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe, and especially popular amongst enthusiasts, I thought it might be a fun idea to do a ranking poll of the Europa Park coasters, if you’ve been!

I’ve never been, so can’t contribute, but I’d be intrigued to know; how would you rank the 13 rollercoasters at Europa Park?


Ooh okay.. I've been a few times and fecking love EP, so I'll get involved! Mine goes a little something like this, but it could easily change depending on my mood..

1. Silver Star
2. Blue Fire
3. Wodan
4. Can can coaster
5. Arthur
6. Alpen Express
7. Atlantica Supersplash
8. Matterhorn Blitz
9. Schweizer Bobbahn
10. Poseidon
11. Pegasus
12. Euro Mir
13. Ba-a Express


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For me:

1. Wodan Timbur Coaster - We've had some excellent rides on this coaster. I think it's fantastic. Ridiculously fast, intense and tons of great airtime. The station and queue are fab too.
2. Silver Star - Another one where we've had some lovely rides on this. It's just hill-after-hill and they're all great. It's a little rough nowadays, but it's great. Plus the efficiency of the crew makes it more enjoyable too - knowing the queue just constantly moves the way it does it excellent.
3. blue fire Megacoaster - The launch is a bit naff, and the first overbank is okay, but after that this coaster is great.
4. Eurosat - CanCan Coaster - I thought the original version of this was a bit poo, but the updated version is great. It's very well done.
5. Arthur - A relatively tame coaster, but the 'whole experience' is good. Plus it had the hilariously uncensored audio track on a kids ride.
6. Schweizer Bobbahn - There's something I like about bobsleds, and the theming for this one gives me so much joy. That little Swiss village area is magical.
7. Alpenexpress Enzian - A powered coaster is a powered coaster, but this one has a neat layout and I like the indoor interaction with the queue and rapids and stuff.
8. Matterhorn Blitz - Vertical lift! And a decent, smooth, Mack wild mouse.
9. Atlantica SuperSplash - At face value there's not much to this, but it is absolutely huge and it makes me giggle.
10. Euro Mir - Basically great and funny until the proper coaster bit, at which point it's ****.
11. Poseidon - Trash.
12. Pegasus - Kiddie cred.
13. Ba-a-a-Express - Even more kiddie kiddie cred.

10 & 11 are actually the worst two coasters there, but 12 & 13 are obviously lower ranking really.
1. Wodan- Such a relentless GCI. It is large, it is fast, and it gives some great air and laterals.
2. Blue Fire- Brilliant restraints, a little bit of everything. Overall a great smooth and graceful partner to Wodan.
3. Silver Star- Nowhere near Shambhala. But still really fun, the final few airtime moments can give violent ejector though which is neat.
4. Arthur- The perfect family coaster.
5- Euro-Mir- Controversial i guess. But i love how weird this ride is, it is bizarre in every way, but i love it for that. It also pulls some pretty strong forces if you are facing backwards on that ending helix.
6. Cancan Coaster- This is an amazing indoor coaster. I love the use of lights, the length, and the speed. Though i did like OG Eurosat (that brake run was brutal lol).

7. Poseidon- It looks so good! It also has a great finale. The coaster section is a little brutal though, i don't mind it though.
8. Matterhorn Blitz- Probably one of the best wild mice.
9. Alpine Enzian- The best powered coaster, the indoor section is lush.
10. A.S.S- Fun water coaster. Honestly barely a coaster lol
11. Pegasus- Super fun family coaster.
12. Swiss Bob Run- Looks amazing. But honestly i always find it to be too rough. Its especially unforgiving on a bobsled coaster.


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I've only been once but its easily my favourite park, I can't wait to get back.

1. Silver Star
2. Woden Timbur Coaster
3. Blue Fire
4. Euros sat - CanCan Coaster
5. Schweizer Bobbahn
6. Poseidon
7. Arthur
8. Euro-Mir
9. Matterhorn Blitz
10. Alpenexpress Enzian
11. Atlantica Super Splash
12. Pegasus
13. Ba-a-a-Express
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1. Eurosat - CanCan Coaster
2. Wodan Timber Coaster
3. Arthur
4. Silver Star
5. blue fire Megacoaster
6. Atlantica SuperSplash
7. Schweizer Bobbahn
8. Alpenexpress Enzian
9. Matterhorn Blitz
10. Euro Mir
11. Poseidon
12. Pegasus
13. Ba-a-a-Express


Are we including Arthur in this? If so:

1. Arthur - Just a wonderful ride really. Supremely balanced. Lots of things to look at. A bit creepy in places. The most absurd use of “Still Dre”.
2. Can-can coaster. This really made me laugh.
3. Wodan. The best ride in pure coaster terms.
4. Silver star. Undermined by being a bit rattly.
5. Bob.
6. Alpenexpress - love the mine.
7. Blue fire.
8. Matterhorn , really rams you into the side.
9. Pegasus - surprisingly intense for a family ride, very short though.
10. Euro-Mir - The best lift hill in the world. But the rest of the ride I could live without doing again.
11. Supersplash - just a bit dull.
12. Poseidon, uncomfortable “don’t make me do it again” coaster sections.

That’s based on what I’m most excited to go back on. Does make me question my general coaster rankings tbh. Does Arthur really count?
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Curious. While I absolutely adore Europa Park and feel it has one of the best overall coaster line-ups in Europe, funnily enough none of them actually crack my top 10% ish, which is only about as far as I can be bothered to rank coasters.
Add to this the fact that some of the coasters there I haven't ridden since 2006 so the memory is a bit jaded, making this a surprisingly difficult task.
But I'll do my best. Here goes:

1. Wodan. At least as good as Troy, if not slightly better, making it one of the best GCI's around.
2. Blue Fire. Great all-rounder.
3. Silver Star. Mid-tier hyper.
4. Arthur. Brilliant 'experience'.
5. Euro-Mir. Love the weirdness.
6. Can-Can coaster. Huge improvement over the generic space theme. Great fun.
7. Poseidon. Haven't ridden since 2006 but I remember liking it lots.
8. The mine train, forget the name but I thought it was decent 15 years ago.
9. The bobsled coaster, forget the name but it's decent.
10. Pegasus. Solid family coaster.
11. The mouse coaster, forget the name again but the vertical lift makes it more interesting than most.
12. Supersplash. It looks great, but most of the actual ride is just ... pointless.
13. Baa-a-a Express. It gets cute points for the singing sheep... but yeah it's just a tiny kiddie cred.


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1. Eurosat CanCanCoaster
Such a great unique theme; upbeat and fun. Joie de vivre in coaster form. VR option is well executed and among the best of its kind. Smooth ride, with some nice airtime moments and the on board music makes the experience.

2. Wodan
Great wooden coaster, amazingly squeezed into that small footprint and a well themed queueline.

3. Silver Star
Also real good fun, queue always moving.

4. Blue Fire
Decent in all departments. But the after first element after the launch really kills the speed. Final inversion is incredible. Less said about the dodgy and thematically jarring Russian Government owned gas company sponsorship the better.

5. Arthur
Great all around experience mixing dark ride with family coaster thrills.

6. Matterhorn Blitz
Comfortable wild mouse, wonderfully integrated into the nature and theming. Plus vertical lift and soundtrack are fun!

7. Alpenexpress
Decent layout, fun, great interaction with the log flume and the nicely themed indoor Diamonds mine area.

8. Schweizer Bobbahn
Good fun and great setting/theming with the village and rockwork. Just sadly a bit short.

9. Atlantica SuperSplash
Great drop and setting. Good fun.

10. Euro Mir
Great soundtrack and views from the top of the towers. Coaster bit is rough and crap though. Bring on the Eurosat style retrack/refurb coming in a few years. #NewroMir

11. Poseidon
Rubbish and rough.

12. Pegasus
Decent but certainly nowhere near the best family coaster out there. Short, front car kills the view for kids and theming is quite weak.

13. Ba-a-a Express
Well themed and good starter kiddie coaster. But yeah nothing for non-kids.


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Love Europa so this is a great thread for me!

1. Wodan
Amazing. Relentless from start to finish. First ride since Taron that I came off speechless!

2. Bluefire
Love it. Launch is fine and it's glass smooth. Heartline roll at the finale is fab <3

3. Cancan Coaster
So much fun and very lighthearted which we love.

4. Silver Star
Too rough for me and tbh apart from the MCBR and onwards, I don't get much airtime from it.

5. Pegasus
First drop at the rear of the train is fab, it's twisty, smooth and pretty solid tbh.

6. Atlantica Supersplash
Echoing what others have said tbh, it's huge and the drop is fun I guess? I love the Portugal area too.

7. Arthur
Uncensored soundtrack is shocking which bumps it up a bit but overall I thought it was rather dull.

8. Poseidon
Rough but theming decent and on a hot day it's pretty refreshing.

9. Matterhorn Blitz
Soundtrack is a bop so I love it tbh. Quite like the theming and landscaping too.

10. Bobbahn
Rattly and generally bad. Appreciate it for what it is though.

11. Ba-a-a Express

12. Euro-mir

I despise this coaster. So rough that the onride video was just my head being thrown towards the camera whilst I tried to protect my internal organs from damage.

13. Alpenexpress

Not a coaster but I adore Whale Adventures so I think that deserves a mention. So charming <3


1. Wodan. Possibly my favourite wooden coaster.
2. Blue Fire
3. Silver Star
4. Alpenexpress.
Probably the best of these powered coasters I've done.
5. Atlantica Supersplash
6. Poseidon

7. Eurosat. Haven't done the Can-can Coaster iteration.
8. Matterhorn Blitz
9. Schweizer Bobbahn
10. Pegasus
11. Euro-mir.

Haven't done Arthur or the Ba-express one.

Amazing park but they could do with one more stand-out coaster.


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Amazing park but they could do with one more stand-out coaster.
Rumour has it the new Croatia area will have two! Dueling ones by the sounds of it, themed to Tesla (Nikola Tesla, not the series 3 ;) )
Whether or not this is the case, I have no idea, although they have trademarked two names which are very similar and it does add up. Hopefully they're good!


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Okay I'll play. As others have said, it's a fantastic immersive park, but the quality of the coaster line up isn't quite top-notch.

1. Wodan. The only really World Class coaster at the park.
2. Silver Star
3. Blue Fire

-big gap-
4. Matterhorn Blitz
5. Eurosat
6. Euro-mir.
7. Poseidon
8. Schweizer Bobbahn
9. Atlantica Supersplash
10. Pegasus
11. Alpenexpress


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Solid top trio, a well rounded middle section and nothing truly horrendous, I've always admired this lineup on many levels. Still lacking that killer instinct though.

1. Silver Star
2. Wodan
3. Blue Fire
4. Eurosat
5. Euro Mir
6. Pegasus
7. Arthur
8. Matterhorn Blitz
9. Schweizer Bobbahn
10. Poseidon
11. Atlantica Supersplash
12. Alpenexpressen Enzian

I really should go back for all the new dark rides Ba-a-a Express one day, it's been too long.


1. Wodan
2. Blue Fire
3. Silver Star (I’d put a back row ride above Blue fire, but the front is a bit nothingy)
4. Arthur
5. Eurosat Can Can coaster
6. Euromir
7. Schweizer Bobbahn
8. Matterhorn Blitz
9. Posiden
10. Pegasus
11. Alpen Express
12. Atlantica Supersplash
13. Baa baa Express