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    Scariest moments

    I remeber being young and going on boneshaker at alton towers and holding on for dear life so glad its not there anymore.
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    Girl falls from tomb blaster queue

    my family went when it happened they closed the ride after the accident around lunch time and someone would have noticed a plank missing and told somone, and a member of staff said she climbed over the barrier.
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    Your Favourite Film?

    jurassic park is the best film ever. It probaly comes from my obsession with dinosaurs and how the "velociraptor" in the film isnt actually a velociraptor.
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    David Bowie's Crotch in the Labyrinth.

    dance magic dance best film ever than i watched dark crystal it was slightly freaky.
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    After watching jeremy kyle ive seen the affects of smoking weed and it doesnt look pretty and it is expensive and prefer to spend my money on useful things.
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    Ideas for Thorpe Park 2015 and 2012 coaster

    Quick question does anyone know what they are doing with the area where the old car ride was opposite the grill ? When I went they were building what looked like a fence around it. It maybe nothing just checking
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    I believe the best seat was at the back it felt more intense for my first ride on it we were second from the front after i rode it i felt a tad let down. we than went on it at the back and found the experience alot better.I couldnt be bothered to wait for a front seat considering we sat second...
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    it felt so comfy I could have sat on it all day. After the headache I got from saw and collossus it was nice.
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    I was saying that it was longer than it looked but it wasnt long enough.
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    One complaint I have is about the bag station they seemed to have loads of staff dressed up entertaining the guests but hardly any organising the queue which meant lots of empty seats on the ride but the queue would still be 10 minutes long. my grammar is awful.
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    it feels longer than it looks definitly i just felt it needed to have more track
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    Thoughts on Swarm

    i went to tp today and managed swarm 7 times. i have to say the ride was really comfy and smooth. it broke down 3 times (from what i could see) in the day. it was enjoyable but lacked length.
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    Should Alcohol be Served in Theme Parks?

    tbh drinking alcohol at a theme park is never a good idea considering how hot and aggetated people get waiting in queues in the summer. alcohol and coasters never end well.
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    Insane Flat rides

    i went on this when i went to weston super mare it was very painful
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    Insane Flat rides

    never seen one like this