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    Fury of the Copperhead | CAROWINDS | 4th May 2019

    I haven't signed into CF for ...8 years? Sure I'll go!
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    The sorry state of X:\ No Way Out

    This is what Six Flags does to all of their rides. That is why I thought it was a bad idea to retheme Medusa and SRoS. All that new stuff would eventually just be shut off, fall apart, and look like crap. Then, that terrible new paint scheme will fade, badly.
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    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    Re: Wierd, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits I can see where the S&S El Loco got its inspiration from.
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    Neat "History of the Roller Coaster" Infographic

    It is cool, I wish it were more accurate. It also says that Medusa at Discovery Kingdom was the first floorless coaster, they got the wrong park.
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    Why are there so few premiere coasters?

    Premier has a bad rep because of their history for being unreliable. Not all their coasters are unreliable, but those they were made a big impression. Even when they did get a good coaster out there, something else bad happens. They have rides at hard rock park, but then that park fell apart...
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    The B&M Thread

    ^ That sounds pretty convoluted to me. Thats a design decision, not a leak. If they wanted a leak, theyd probably let out some fake images or documents, like Hershey did. B&M always avoided launches because of reliability issues. While launch reliability isnt the greatest yet, its still a huge...
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    Windseeker for Carowinds?

    Heres the official page. ... seeker.cfm Theyre putting it right in the middle of the park, so it should give a good view of the park and the city.
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    Windseeker for Carowinds?

    I'm excited they're getting one. Carowinds is the only cedar fair park I get to go to. They really are being lazy by adding the same rides in every park, but its not a common ride, so who cares.
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    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    Re: Wierd, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits An in-house coaster gone seriously wrong. A few weird things about this one. That bogey looks like someone made it in their garage. Its also using aviation tires, those are on my Cessna. The whole ride is just strange...
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    Worst Down Time

    If you want to stick with SFGAdv, Viper had it way worse than Chiller ever did. Ive been able to ride both Chillers, Robin probably 10 times. I only ever managed to get on Viper twice, and those rides were spread out by about 3 years. Not all Premier launches had Chiller's problems, and not all...
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    The B&M Thread

    I think you rode the wrong one.
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    Suspended Coaster

    Just try for any of the existing inverted coasters in NL honestly. The arrow and vekoma suspended coasters were designed so that the car pretty much would swing directly under the track. Or, try RCT! Its fun making them on there because you dont have to bank the track at all, and you can design...
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    How many times does it have to be said that the wing rider isnt a 4D?
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    Why does Oblivion not have a vertical drop?

    If it isnt riding on the wheels then theres no load on them, and they might not even be touching the rails (which is one reason why arrow coasters are so rough, the wheels "hunt" until they hit track). Wheel assemblies are designed for the ride requirements. The more strain on the upstops, the...