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    Nemesis VS The Swarm

    I didn't enjoy nemesis as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because of all the hype but I was expecting it to blow other rides out of the water and it just didn't. It is still a great ride and I really like it, but I don't think its exceptional. Swarm I think is great until about halfway...
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    Front or Back

    I like to sit in the back, although on euro fighters, guerstler bobsleds, and inverts I prefer the front seats, for the view:)
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    Which Programs Do REAL Rollercoaster Companys Use?

    At a school trip to Thorpe the year before saw was built we had the educational talks. When telling us about the new ride he had a pov running of what was then the 'new Canada creek ride' on a screen. The pov was a no limits one, whether it was professional and from guerstler I don't know but...
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    Forwards or backwards?

    Forwards for me too. The backwards motion feels less open and restricted for me, it also makes me feel ill sometimes:/. Although the mix on spinners I think the backwards moments on them are thrilling and equal to the forward moments.
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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    Got a few shows lined up now, asking alexandria in january, we came as romans and alesana with (unfortunately) iwrestledabearonce and glamour of the kill in feb. Got a while to wait but i'm already excited. :) Possibly madina lake in 2 weeks too!
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    G-Force or Airtime?

    Airtime every time. It just surprises me and makes me feel a little insecure even if I expect it. Positive g just doesn't add any thrill or excitment to me, it's just sort of there.
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    Favourite major coaster at Thorpe Park?

    I went for saw although I don't feel that any of those rides are way better than any others and my favourite is often only which one I have the best ride on; which can be because of lots of different things, not just the ride itself. Nemesis Inferno is good but just feels like its missing...
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    Slowest Moving Line you have been in

    On colossus earlier this year it said 60minutes but half way round we stopped dead for about 30 and it moved so slowly. Took a lot longer than 60mins too. Also last week a CWoA on the crypt maze, we could see the entrance and we only had the last straight to go but it took 45 minutes. Every...
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    Go it alone

    I havnt been to a park alone but I'm thinking of trying it. Sounds like I might get a slightly different experience from the day. Maybe not riding everything once and just riding the good stuff a few times. I'm defiantly going to try it.
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    Park You're Most Excited to Visit this Season

    I'm very excited about Alton this year cause I've heard so many good things about it. Other than that, flamingo land should be pretty good too, quite a few ride types I have never tried!
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    For my little brother....

    Nemesis inferno. I wasn't scared of the inversions at all, I was terrified of the height though so it was probably just that distracting me. :lol:
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    Do you have a 'theme park outfit'?

    Just normal stuff. Skinny jeans, for the deep pockets and tightness, they really holg things in your pockets; and a t-shirt, usually a band tee just because it's what's in my draw. Then I'll throw in a hoodie when things get cold. Usually a zip hoodie so I can just undo it when things get warn...
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    Bounce back

    Hi, At Thorpe park, what are their rules with bounce back tickets? Do you need to show your ticket to get one? Thanks
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    Three Word Story II

    Inside the dark
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    Dreaming Theme Parks...

    With trains, you are apparently either. In for it, saved from it or about to go on a journey.( :lol: ) Wow, they really covered their backs with that one. You may be onto something with the fear though.