A CoasterForce Live (CF Live) is a meet up of CoasterForce members, their friends and family, at a theme park. If you’re fed up visiting theme parks on your own, would like to meet fellow enthusiasts and make new friends of varying ages and walks of life, then a CF Live is for you!

Since 2003, CoasterForce has organized group visits to theme parks in the UK, USA and Europe. CoasterForce is not a membership paying club so all you need to do is check when the next CF Live is, register your interest, and turn up at the designated meeting point and time.

At some CF Lives, theme parks kindly offer CF Live attendees Exclusive Ride Time (ERT), discounted (sometimes free!) entry and backstage tours. Further details and any perks will be shared closer to the date of the Live.

CF LIVES 2021 & Covid-19 Safety
A note from Ian From CoasterForce, 14/11/20

Cancelling our 2020 trip plans was heartbreaking. We’re sure it would’ve been one of the best years we ever had. Despite the recent positive news about a Covid-19 vaccine, we have to be realistic with our 2021 planning. It would be highly irresponsible for CF to encourage gatherings of multiple people from different households until Covid-19 is under control. Therefore, we won’t be announcing a 2021 schedule this winter as we usually do, because it’s impossible to plan anything with any degree of certainty.

We hope to offer some events in the middle-to-late part of 2021, from early summer onwards. They will be events that we can easily organise, rearrange or cancel depending on the situation, and at parks that are easily accessible for most. We’re looking at day trips to parks in the UK, Ohio, and Florida for example, and maybe some in Europe. We don’t have any dates in mind, but our intention is to announce them with about a months notice.

We will do what we can to encourage people to visit parks. It is more important than ever that people visit parks so they continue to invest in rides and attractions for us to all enjoy. I really hope that we can meet up in 2021 but when we do, it must be safe and when people feel comfortable. So please keep an eye on the CF Live forum and hopefully we’ll all be together again soon.

Keep coasting and stay safe,
Ian From CoasterForce


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