Six Flags Great Adventure Drop Of Doom Virtual Reality

Zumanjaro to get VR experience

Jackson, New Jersey, USA

Six Flags Great Adventure announced that Zumanjaro, the world's tallest and fastest drop tower, will become Drop of Doom VR for a limited time. Beginning May 5th, riders will have the option of battling giant spiders high above massive city skyscrapers in a fully-integrated virtual reality experience on the 415 foot (126m) tall free fall tower. Park guests will become pilots of a futuristic gunship under attack by mutant spiders during the interactive ride that features a vertical ascent while teetering off the edge of a helicopter. A high-intensity gun battle against a giant arachnid, spewing baby spiders that virtually crawl all over the rider’s body, is followed by a 10-second plunge at speeds up to 90 mph that concludes in a final showdown with the giant spider. Click the headline for more information ...
GaleForce Train Playland's Castaway Cove

GaleForce receives new, improved train

Ocean City, New Jersey, USA

GaleForce, the beleaguered S&S triple launch coaster at Playland's Castaway Cove on the Jersey Shore that was originally scheduled to open last year, has received a new train that features many improvements over its predecessor. The new train makes for a smoother ride thanks to the removal of the stadium style seating, relocation of the rear axle and a pivot joint between rows 2 and 3 that allows the third row to move independently from the front two. Other improvements include larger wheels and a straight through rear axle that replaced the old one that worked off a central pivot point and caused the rear seats to bounce. Click the headline for more information ...
Gold Rush Opening Attractiepark Slagharen

Gold Rush opens at Attractiepark Slagharen

Slagharen, Overijssel, Netherlands

Attractiepark Slagharen opened Gold Rush, the park's new Gerstlauer triple LSM launch coaster today. Using a shuttle style launch where the train goes forward and backward and forward again through the station, the coaster reaches a top speed of 56 mph (90 km/h). At an estimated $5.3 million (€5 million) cost, the coaster also features two inversions - a dive loop and a first-of-its-kind sling loop. Gold Rush replaced Thunder Loop, the park's classic Schwarzkopf Looping Star coaster that operated from 1979-2016. Click the headline for more information ...
Icon Logo Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach name new coaster

Blackpool, England, UK

Blackpool Pleasure Beach announced the name and unveiled the logo for their new-for-2018 Mack Rides double LSM launch coaster. Called Icon, the logo features a sword as the "I", a Japanese Kanji character that means "speed" and has the tagline "Dare To Ride". Until now the £16.25 million ($20.8 million) project was simply called "Construction 2018". The coaster will go over and around 15 of the park’s other rides, including The Big One. When it opens next spring, riders will experience the same acceleration as that felt by a Formula 1 driver, and will reach speeds of up to 80 mph (129 km/h). Click the headline for more information ...
InvadR Opening Busch Gardens Williamsburg

InvadR opens at Busch Gardens Willamsburg

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened InvadR, their new wooden terrain coaster, to the public today. The GCI (Great Coasters International) hybrid coaster is the park's eight coaster and its first woodie. It's designed with families in mind, but its 74 feet (22m) tall drop in a tunnel and nine airtime hills will thrill adrenaline junkies as well. The coaster is located in the New France village area and interacts with the nearby Le Scoot log flume and a section of the park’s railroad line. Click the headline for more information ...
Ferrari Land Open PortAventura

Ferrari Land opens to the public

Salou, Tarragona, Spain

Ferrari Land, Europe's first and the world's second amusement park themed around the iconic Italian sports car manufacturer, opened today. The main attraction of Ferrari Land is Red Force, a 367 foot (112m) tall Intamin LSM launch coaster that goes from 0-112 mph (180 km/h) in just 5 seconds. In addition to Europe's tallest and fastest coaster, the park features twin 180 foot (55m) tall S&S Shot & Drop towers, a large go kart track, racing simulators, as well as recreations of Venice's Piazza San Marco and the Colosseum in Rome. Click the headline for more information ...

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