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Your most embarrassing theme park moments


Ah I just remembered one.

There were 3 of us visiting Lightwater Valley and we decided to take a ride on the dinghy slide. I very kindly stepped back and let my 2 friends go first. Once they'd gone down, the ride op told me the dinghies had to have 2 people in so I needed to wait for the next odd-numbered group. This didn't take long but the next odd passenger was a girl about 7 or 8 years old, who had to sit between my legs to go down the slide! I'm pretty surprised they pair kids up with random strangers like that but she didn't seem to mind. Naturally my mates found it hilarious and took pictures, luckily they don't use this forum!


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I thought you could claim a permission card from somewhere?
You still can, did it the other day. Guest services handed the card to me with no questions asked but the ride staff were very unhappy about it. Took a fair bit of arguing before they called their supervisor over who eventually caved. Got the cred, so yay, but I guess it’s much less of a sure-thing now.

It was a bit embarrassing only because the staff made it so awkward; actually riding the cred didn’t feel that shameful. It’s not overly small and it was intamin’s first coaster after all. I used to feel more shame when riding kiddie creds (would sometimes skip them) but I seem to have gotten over it for the meantime and rarely feel much shame anymore. That’s the disease haha.

Anything really embarrassing I’ve done at a park has likely been imbedded deep into the darkest depths of my subconscious; where it shall stay.


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You used to be able to, but apparently they've put a stop to it as the past few people that have tried have been denied.


When I was 16, we went on a trip to Bobbejaanland with some classmates. It was a pretty hot day and we decided to go on the parks log flume. I sat front seat and my classmates asked me to move as far to the front as I could, so they could get a little bit wet aswell. My knees almost touched the front of the log. When we returned to the rotating platform, I tried to get al little bit further to th back but noticed my both legs were stuck. When we were at te rotating platform, I was still stuck and an operator had to get inside the boat with me to pull me out but didn't succeed when the boat almost got away for another ride. Had to make a second ride untill my legs were freed.Horrible it was!

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I just thought of another embarrassing moment of mine that I'm surprised I forgot to mention!

Now this one is actually in a water park; it happened when my family and I went to Disney's Blizzard Beach in April. Basically, we were all riding the park's mat racer slide together, and we were all going fine until for some reason, I didn't manage to reach the finish line, so I had to carry my mat all the way down the shutdown lane to meet with my family again, who were all laughing at me! Rather embarrassing at the time when my family had all recorded fast times and I didn't even get a time, but quite funny to look back on!


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Here is a true story unfortunately...…:D Beware graphic content contained within.

During a visit to a well known theme park with a large group of fellow goons, I wasn't feeling particularly well and I felt worse as the day went on.

Around lunchtime the said group all descended on one of the parks eating establishments. As we all got our food and sat down to eat it, I felt a few gurgling's in the old stomach region. I felt a fart coming on, so tried to do one of those discreet silent farts to release a bit of pressure.

Unfortunately I shat myself. Literally. :)

I excused myself and went with haste to the very busy adjacent toilets. Locked in a cubicle with my trousers around my ankles it became apparent that I had a problem. Luckily I had tight fitting junk pants on, so it hadn't gone onto my trousers. I didn't know what to do. I obviously didn't have any spare undies with me, as who does, so I did all what I could do.

As the toilets were so busy, there was no way I could walk out and put them into a bin, so I took off the covered undies, placed them behind the toilet, cleaned myself up the best I could and then packed loads of toilet roll up around my arse to act as underwear for the rest of the day.

I proceeded back to the group with everyone completely unaware of my incident. !!!

So sorry, if anyone was there that day and found a disgusting pair of undies behind a toilet or apologies to that person who had to remove them.



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Here is a true story unfortunately...…:D Beware graphic content contained within.
apologies to that person who had to remove them.
As someone who has worked as a cleaner at a theme park, I can assure you: the cleaners will have seen with and dealt with worse!


Jogged my memory of a recent favourite, but the embarrassment wasn't mine.
Thorpe, about three years ago, did a cheap overnighter with my nephew and our partners on freebie Sun tickets.
In the pen queueline for "I'm a Celebrity"...the sudden stench of a very sour fart.
In my best northern loud voice..."Which dirty sod dropped that then?"
Noticed one young head drop down an inch.
"It was you in the red stripey tshirt wasn't it. I saw your reaction."
Bloke next to him turns round and gives us the thumbs up, the queueline cheers.
Poor lad drops even lower.
Queueline "manager" strolls over to him and checks that he is ok, and confirms to us all that it was he that did indeed do the dirty deed.
Further cheers from the whole queue.
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I had to have been around 10 years old, I was terrified of all roller coasters still at that time, and my parents tried to force me on space mountain. I had such a bad panic attack that the ride ops made me get off before they sent the train out. I was so relieved to have been spared the experience, but mortified at the unanimous stink eye in the room

A few years later I was with some friends at Geauga Lake and I got pooped on by seagulls twice in one day. The first time I could take off my hoodie, the second time not so much. Had to get through the rest of the day with a poop coated shoulder and lapping the rapids a few times to try and wash it off