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  1. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Frontier City Preparing For 2020 Attraction? I wasn't sure where abouts on Google Earth this is, but it sounds like it's a big site for a potential attraction!
  2. Matt N

    Your most embarrassing theme park moments

    Hi guys. Many of us have been visiting theme parks for years, so I'd imagine that we've probably had a fair few embarrassing moments in that time. So my question to you is; what moments have been your most embarrassing theme park moments? For me, it would definitely be my first (and probably...
  3. Matt N

    Quietest you've ever seen a theme park?

    Hi guys. I had an experience yesterday that prompted me to ask you all; what is the quietest you've ever seen a theme park? I know theme parks can often be crowded places, but have you ever been to a park that was particularly quiet? The experience I was referring to was my visit to Oakwood...
  4. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Maurer Sohne Looping Coaster In Storage (who will buy?) I definitely think somewhere like a Drayton Manor or someone like that could buy this. It's now in storage at Rusutsu Resort in Japan but easily could be shipped to the UK. (Look at the shipping possibly from Brazil to Flamingo Land)
  5. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Six Flags Over Texas Demolishes Lone Star Theatre...2020 Attraction? Definitely an interesting topic...what will be happening in 2020?
  6. Coaster Chall YouTube

    What Will Happen For Portaventura World's 25th Anniversary In 2020?

    I wanted to upload this thread, because I wanna see a major thrill investment in 2020 for the park's anniversary but I wanna see what you guys think!
  7. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Is something happening to Angry Birds 4D At Thorpe Park?,

    Please skip to 20:08 for the exact details but apparently, senior management at Thorpe Park were spotted measuring the building of Angry Birds 4D, after coming out of the nearby shop. Is something planned for the building?
  8. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Six Flags Over Texas Bought By Hershand Family Entertainment?

    I know the only evidence of this is an Instagram story post that I just came across, but apparently, news recently shows that there are current talks for Hershand Family Entertainment to buy Six Flags Over Texas (with the possible mention of St Louis and Over Texas) by 2021 (for Over Texas...
  9. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg Project 2021 - 355ft Height Waiver Filed

    I thought I'd start it as a separate thread, but BGW Fans report that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has filed a height waiver for a 355ft structure in the Oktoberfest area. Thoughts??
  10. Matt N

    Could China become the new USA from a theme park perspective?

    Disclaimer: The below post is extremely long, so I apologise in advance. I could have rambled on about this all day, but I decided to condense it a little so that it was easier to read. Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread like this or if this thread sounds slightly weird, but when I was...
  11. Matt N

    What is your favourite theme park Christmas event?

    Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread like this, but as Christmas is tomorrow and I'm feeling festive, I'd like to ask you guys; what is your favourite theme park Christmas event? Now, I haven't actually been to any, but from what I've seen around the internet, some of the best-looking ones...
  12. Matt N

    Your favourite time of the theme park season?

    Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread like this, but as many always seem to mention how the Halloween season is their favourite time of the theme park season, I was interested to hear some of your thoughts on what your favourite time of the theme park season is. Is it Halloween, with its...
  13. kenny cook

    West Coast Racer- New Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord in 2019??

    so last night, i had a multi hour car ride back home from vacation and i was looking over some of the six flags trademarks, and one in particular stood out to me, west coast racer. while a lot of people i heard were pretty confident that it would be for six flags magic mountain as their new 2019...
  14. Bert2theSpark

    Theme Park Documentaries

    As I couldn't find a thread I'd thought I'd create one. This is for anyone (Worldwide) interested to be on the telly and represent coaster enthusiasts! CoasterForce members have been on the TV before so why not be on the telly again!?
  15. GuyWithAStick

    How would YOU deal with overcrowded parks?

    (idea taken from another forum) Let's say you're now the Head of Operations of any park you wish. You are confronted with a major problem: Your park is facing serious overcrowding issues. Dispatch times are constantly clocking over 3 minutes a train, lines are spilling into the midways, it's...