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Your Least Common Opinion?


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@tomahawk was basically riffing on this topic for 2 hours yesterday. I'll let him represent himself with some of those hot takes.


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Space Mountain at WDW isn't good
Made to go on it twice by my two lads back in Feb..and the thing is bloody awful. l just hope when they open Tron may give them the opportunity to close it down and reshape the ride. Disneyland and Paris versions are so much better.


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I have a few more of my most uncommon opinions to contribute:
  • I preferred Galactica at Alton Towers to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando as far as B&M flyers go. I'd also say Manta was my least favourite SeaWorld Orlando B&M. Agrreed
  • The Swarm is my favourite Thorpe Park coaster.
  • Icon is my favourite UK coaster.
  • I prefer Wicker Man to Megafobia, even excluding the theming. Although this one could well change soon, as I'm riding Megafobia again on Sunday...
  • Flight of Passage is overrated.
  • I prefer Universal theme parks to Disney theme parks, from having visited both companies' Florida resorts.
  • Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios is my favourite drop tower, ahead of things like Falcon's Fury, Apocalypse and Detonator.
  • Epcot is my 2nd favourite WDW park behind Animal Kingdom.
  • Nickelodeon Streak is my favourite Blackpool Pleasure Beach wooden coaster.
  • Saw: The Ride at Thorpe Park is rough.
Wow @Expedition Coaster! Some of those really are uncommon, and I'd be intrigued to know why you think some of them! In particular:
  • What makes you prefer Icon to Taron?
  • How come no AT coasters besides Nemesis make your UK top 10?
  • What makes you prefer El Condor to The Smiler?
Of course, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and the phrase "each to their own" comes to mind, but I was merely interested as to why you have some of your opinions.

Now, about time I gave some of my own, and I've actually thought of some properly uncommon ones:
  • Wing Coasters are one of my favourite B&M models; probably 2nd to the Hyper Coaster.
  • The Swarm is my favourite Thorpe Park coaster, and I personally feel it's almost on par with Nemesis.
  • Stealth is not in my UK top 5.
  • I prefer Thirteen to Expedition Everest.
  • I prefer Galactica to Manta (at SeaWorld Orlando).
  • Nickelodeon Streak is my 2nd favourite coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach behind Icon.
  • I prefer Gringotts to Forbidden Journey, and I'd probably say I prefer Spider-Man to both of those.
  • Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios is my favourite drop tower.
  • I preferred Treetops to Speed at Oakwood.
  • Flight of Passage, while a very good ride, was somewhat underwhelming for me and isn't in either my top 3 WDW rides or my top 3 dark rides.
Flight of Passage is good but is only rated so highly because of the typical demographic of customers who attend Disney parks. The majority of them would not even entertain a ride on a Hulk or Mako which are clearly better rides and you won't have to wait half of your bloody holiday to get on the thing!!