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YAY Merlin!


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and after a quick search...

Hardly surprising Merlin are saying "bad idea" - I mean come on!
Darker purple area is where the planning application is for!
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Link to plan - RU.18/0703
(lot of documents on that planning site related to this - can read all the objections from Thorpe's lawyers and stuff, seems this has been going on for quite some time, crickey!)
OK if anyone is following this...

There is a summary report loaded today up on the planning site ( direct link ) - 55 pages of waffle, but it looks like the officer's recommendation (so not the final decision I assume) is to grant the planning permission, but with a whole bunch of noise-caveats (see page 41 item 3 "To ensure no unreasonable interference with the future operation of Thorpe Park"). There is also ongoing stuff between the two sides (a "S106 Agreement" which is mentioned a few times) concerning noise issues - basically the OAP-residents will be sealed into their units (no opening windows) with high-tech ventilation systems to mitigate the sealed windows - obviously Merlin are still fundamentally objecting though.

(If you want to find the coaster info, in that report, search for "Island A" - refers to agreed permission for a 50m ride on island A or E subject to noise - the original case for this was RU.10/0579 but there isn't much online for that apart from the summary and we "knew" all that detail anyway)
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Went glamping at Chessington this week, it's really lovely. The site is small but there's bits of theming dotted around and the lighting at night is very pretty. You get some Wild Asia ERT after the park closes (one hour of Kobra followed by an hour of Dodgems) and the bar/restaurant for the glamping is in Wild Asia too. At 9PM they set up a projector and inflatable screen in the middle of the campsite and played Greatest Showman. We set our camp chairs up to watch but bailed after ten minutes when it started raining, it would have been lovely on a warmer night sat there in my pyjamas watching a film though. Inside the tents there's a double bed, they feel much bigger inside than they look from the outside. Here's some general pics and one of myself chilling outside the tent enjoying life.


Looks lovely! My only reservation is; wouldn't the tent be a bit cold on a cold night?
Yeah, it was a bit chilly in the morning but I believe the tents are only available during the warmer months and not the whole season.

I enjoyed my day on park as it was nice and quiet but the park is starting to lose its magic for me. I visited a lot as a kid in the glory days of the late 90s/early 00s and so much of what made the park entertaining and immersive has been stripped away. The attractions line up has been slaughtered too. Since opening Fury the park has lost Safari Skyway, Peeking Heights, Black Buccaneer, Creepy Caves and Rameses Revenge (which isn't permanently closed but it's not open for majority of the season) and in that time only gained a Disk-O and the poorly received Zufari. As an adult I can add Hocus Pocus Hall to the list too as it's replacement is no longer suitable for my age group. In that time the theming and effects on the dark rides and things like Vampire has also deteriorated. I can still cling onto my nostalgia and enjoy the park but it used to be so much more.

Tiger Rock is brilliant though, lots of cool effects and the ride area is nicely landscaped and very green. One of my favourite log flumes.


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Looks lovely! My only reservation is; wouldn't the tent be a bit cold on a cold night?
That's mostly a matter of using a good sleeping bag. I've slept in a tent in -17 C once, it's fine if you wear a cap.