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YAY Merlin!


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Yay Merlin...
:) said:
Merlin shares on track for biggest rise ever after ‘not terrible’ results

Bad weather and terror attacks hit trading at Merlin...
The company on Thursday announced plans to shift spending away from renovating the company’s existing “Midway” city-centre attractions, such as Madame Tussauds and Sea Life, and its resort theme parks, including Italy’s Gardaland and the UK’s Alton Towers. Instead, it will focus capital expenditure on building hotel rooms alongside its venues.

(that second article is more interesting that the first, which is really just share-price related)
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It's all very well building more hotels, but if all the attractions are closed, knackered or on half-day opening who's going to stay in them?
Hard one: I have a lot of gripes about Merlin when you compare them to other European parks! AND the you have memories of The parks in the Tussards day.... oh I could list.... but that's not the point of this topic! Also its personal taste!

2BH Merlin excel best at there smaller attraction types - the Dungeons, Madam Tussores, legolands etc. Although I loved the original Dungeons - I'm proud of what Merlin have done to the brand - and expanding it internationally! And appreciate how they overlap their franchises in clever ways! (sealifes in their Theme parks etc).

I thought Heide was a decent park, - you can never tell if that's because of what was already set up before Merlin etc. But the Halloween decor and atmosphere was fab!

Also Th13teen is one of my favourite UK coasters - and Wicker man looks RIGHT up my street and am genuinely excited about riding it! ......Oh and HEX - all is forgiven!


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Yay Merlin ; well Alton anyway. Upcoming TV (UK Ch4) thingy about the place, and the launch of wickerman...
Channel4 said:
Alton Towers (title TBC)

A one off documentary will go behind the scenes at Alton Towers, the UK’s biggest theme park as they launch their multi-million pound new rollercoaster, Wickerman. Eagerly awaited by rollercoaster enthusiasts as the first wooden rollercoaster in 21 years with a structure that appears to set on fire, this is also Alton Tower’s first new ride since The Smiler accident in 2015. We follow the team at Alton Towers as they work around the clock getting Wickerman ready for the big launch when the park re-opens this March.


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Yay, that's fab. Channel 4 documentaries are usually great.


Very much looking forward to that. It’s been aaaages since they did the magic maker ones or whatever they were called!

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I'm really looking forward to this! The Magic Factory is fantastic, and I always wanted someone to make a modern version of it!


It's better than it being bare but compared to the old Buddha faces and rock work it doesn't look great. Hopefully they'll tart the lift structure and turnaround up a bit and make the tiger fences less vulgar before opening.


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I don't understand why they didn't clean the tile roofs on the buildings, they look so gross. Takes away from any lick of paint they've given the rest of the buildings. Everything about this looks cheap and tacky and I don't get why it is getting so much praise on social media. In fact, why is this even in the "Yay Merlin!" topic?


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Implied dragon... forgive me, but what's that?
This - on the left hand side -

The rockwork is formed up to be like a dragons head. Bit closer shot here:

I thought I had a better photo somewhere, but doesn't seem to be in my Imgur album. It's fairly subtle, but excellent.