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What is your favourite drop tower?


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Difficult to pick one. Here are my favourites in no particular order:

Any Intamin 1st Gen
Falcon's Fury
Tower of Terror


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Definitely Lex Luther. I haven't ridden the most drop towers, but the sheer height combined with the fact that the tower sways when Superman goes by, is just so intense.

I would like to see a 120 m+ tower that combines both launch, free-fall, and ejector pull drops all into one sequence in that order, with 3 or 4 towers of at least 16 or 12 people each. Perhaps a random chance to add the tilting drop during the free-fall section of the sequence would also enhance the ride experience.


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1: mystery Castle at phantasialand, great experience, forceful and decent ride length, feels larger than it is because its enclosed

2: tower of terror at Disney Paris. Couldn't stop laughing the whole ride through, and having a seat belt as a restraint is great. Theming and pre show is spot on.

3: hurrican kondor at portaventura. Very tall, very intense, rode at night and view was spectacular.

4: any s&s tower, I enjoy them still, just not as much as the previous entries

Y. Kim

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Just the first Intamin 2nd gen drop tower
"Gyro Drop" Lotte World
Pure thrill!!

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My Freefall Tower Ranking:

1. High Fall - Movie Park Germany: Intamin Gyro Drop with Floorless Standup, insane airtime and intensity.
2. Atmosfear - Liseberg: Awesome view and in terms of duration one of the best drops, a shame it doesn’t rotate.
3. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - SF GAdv: Incredible view with a really long lasting drop
4. Ikaros - Gröna Lund
5. Power Tower II - traveling (Oktoberfest München 2017)
6. Falcon‘s Fury - Busch Gardens Tampa
7. Mystery Castle - Phantasialand
8. Fritt Fall Tilt - Gröna Lund
9. Scream - Heide Park
10. Drop Zone - Kings Dominion

I didn’t include Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios but I guess it would be slightly above Mystery Castle.


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I can't say I'm a big fan of most drop towers these days. Most of the memorable ones for me are the quirky ones that are more than just a straight drop.

Ikaros at Grona Lund was a lot of fun. I ended up riding on the park side, but I'd quite like to re-ride at some point looking out towards the Baltic. I found it to be entertaining, if not massively intense. Somebody else on the forum compared it to a B&M dive machine, and I reckon that's a fairly reasonable comparison.

Mystery Castle is awesome as a complete package. The queue, the build-up, the setting, the ride cycle - it all just comes together to make for an amazing experience.

Finally, the Intamin 1st generation drop towers are quite something. I wouldn't necessarily say they're great in a traditional sense, as they tend to bump and bash you around a fair bit, but I remember the drop being decent, and the weird movements, along with the clunks and bangs from the ride as it moves makes for a very unnerving ride cycle. The ride may be safe, but it doesn't sound that way when you're riding it.


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For traditional towers, Detonator is horribly intense. The drop is so sharp and sudden that it always catches me off guard, especially as it really shoots you down.

Overall favourite though? Ikaros. Whilst it may be forceless, the sheer height of the tower and the tilting really makes it a trouser-browning experience. Really hope we see more of these pop up.

Looking forward to trying out Hangover at Winter Wonderland and Hollywood Action Tower and Movieland Park in due course.


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Ask me again in about 3 weeks, and I shall almost certainly have a definitive answer for you... ;)

As predicted, I now have a definitive answer for you. Y'all are wrong. So, so wrong.
THE best drop ride on planet Earth (or should that be in planet Earth?) is the Haunted Mine Drop at Glenwood Caverns, Colorado.
Kudos to Jay37415 for being the only person so far to even mention it:

But this one is definitely on my bucket list...


I don't care how tall your Lex Luthor's, your Zumanjaro's and your Highlander's are, you ain't beating that for sheer terror. No way, man, no way.
Terrifying, and absolutely superb.
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I can't believe no one has mentioned venom at west midlands safari park although small it packs one hell of a punch even more so than detonator in my opinion but my favourite is mystery castle .


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I would say Tower of Terror at DLP or Detonator at Thorpe Par, the first being because of its theming, and the second because of its crazy forcefulness.

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Scott Lannigan

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I've heard a lot of people say the Apocalypse at Drayton is more forceful than Hurakan Condor, I personally think Hurakan is the far more superior drop tower and is my favourite!