1. Matt N

    What is your favourite drop tower?

    Hi guys. Over the years, drop towers have become a staple of theme parks across the world, but my question to you today is; which one is your favourite? For me, I'd probably say Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios if it counts. I know the drops aren't the biggest, but they produce a...
  2. Matt N

    Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster in each country/US state you've visited

    Hi guys. As I saw that my topic "Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster from each manufacturer" recently got bumped, it gave me the idea to make a similar thread, but for countries instead of manufacturers! Mine will be a bit dull, as I've only been to 2 countries, but I think it...
  3. Matt N

    Your favourite roller coasters built before 1990

    Hi guys. From reading through various people's ranking lists and listening to enthusiasts talk over the years, I've noticed that there seems to be a general consensus that most people's lists only tend to contain modern coasters. The sort of coasters dominating today's top 10s mostly seem to...
  4. Matt N

    Your favourite kiddie coaster model?

    Hi guys. As many of you may know, a lot of us tend to ride kiddie coasters in order to bolster our coaster counts up. The extent to which you do is variable; I don't tend to as much, whereas others love to! Anyway, the point of this topic is; out of the kiddie coasters you've experienced, which...
  5. Matt N

    Favourite and least favourite types of coaster train

    Hi guys. By this point, I'd imagine most of us have experienced a number of different types of coaster train, so I'd be interested to know; which ones are your favourites and least favourites in terms of comfort and how much you enjoy riding in them? For me, it would go something like this...
  6. Matt N

    Your favourite old-style amusement park

    Hi guys. I thought I'd start this topic as we have many topics about favourite theme parks overall, but we don't seem to have a topic for our favourite old-style amusement parks. That surprises me, as they are the ones that started it all, after all. My personal favourite (by default) is...