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What are some of the best hangtime coasters?


Icons first inversion, especially early in the day, drops you right out of your seat.
And if you are tall, you can touch the track beneath you from the back left seat of each car.

Matt N

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I'd agree with Icon as a really good hangtime coaster. I'd also nominate The Swarm and Galactica, and I'd actually say that Mine Blower's first inversion is an excellent moment of hangtime; it literally feels like you're rolling through it in slow motion, in stark contrast to the rest of the ride!

If I'm including coasters I haven't ridden, I'd also say that Copperhead Strike's hangtime looks pretty amazing!


Mine Blower’s inversion is a great break from the relentless, non-stop intensity of the rest of the ride — I recall feeling quite a bit of hangtime, amplified by the lap bars as opposed to over the shoulder restraints.


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I rode Karnan at Hansa Park for the first time this weekend. Having avoided watching any POV’s since it opened, the indoor section at the end took me by surprise and had some pretty extreme hangtime in the inversion!


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Chiming in to confirm: Gerstlauer Infinity coasters have hangtime for daaaaaayyyyyyysssssss.