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Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion


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The name I'm at peace with but my god... That logo. Whoever signed that off needs to be sacked.


DAMN IT! They didn't announce the layout. I was looking forward to that.
Also, Untamed is a good name, the temporary logo is **** tho.


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Children, we'd all appreciate it if you took petty squabbles to PMs/the playground instead of spamming us here. Thanks xo

Does anybody know what theme this will have then? Because I heard a rumour it was to be western themed but this logo (although temporary) implies a jungle theme? Or perhaps a jurassic theme?


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The name is fine i guess a bit generic but it will do the job, that logo however needs to be changed..... it looks like someone only spend like 40 minutes on the design