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Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion


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The last ride isn't until the 28th, I doubt they'll be anything to really see for a few weeks apart from maybe some site prep.


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Nothing was going on yesterday. Ride was operating as normal with bouncy airtime

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Walibi Holland have registered the domain name timbertrip.nl - so it seems likely that the RMC may be called 'Timber Trip'.

The park have confirmed the name will be announced at the last rides event on Sunday which employees, journalists and vloggers have been invited to. So we will soon find out for sure if it really is Timber Trip...
Apparently the old trains will be kept and used as part of the new rides decorations/theming next year.
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Well that’s a relief then. :D I am certainly very glad that Timber Trip turned out not to be the name (where on earth did RCDB get that from!?), it definitely wouldn’t have suited it at all! Untamed however, seems to fit very nicely indeed.


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Timber trip was a brandname that was deposit by Walibi Holland some few days ago, probably to confuse us or wathever the hell, and rcdb fell blindly into the trap. I feel like rcdb has lowered their requirements for confirmation about information lately. I don't remember seeing that much unconfirmed information even one year ago. Now it's almost as rcdb was giving credit to the first rumor going on (and I'm only not talking about this particular case of Robin Hood). Maybe they should be more careful again, even if I understand the appeal of being on page as soon as possible.


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Not going to lie, I'm not a fan of the name or presented logo. Words beginning with 'un' are always ugly-sounding to me and never flow well. And the logo feels a bit tacky tbh

Maybe it'll grow on me and feel better in a bit more context. But for now, I don't like.

I also really liked the name Timber Trip.. :oops: