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Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021


Roller Poster
The track itself really looks like an important and great new coaster. Still, I think it's a shame that European coasters are becoming such gray mice. The color scheme has often made roller coasters iconic. Sometimes the color combination alone made something very special.

When I look at the aerial photos, I would wish again that there was a bold color scheme there too. But at least: If you see a track in camouflage colors, then you know that you are in Europe.


Roller Poster
A lot of extra trackwork has been done...


Source: Coastersworld.fr


Hyper Poster
Beautiful shot, it will be a brilliant ride, I do hope they add some scenery and/or trees around the circuit though; it has the potential to be a real car park coaster if not.


Mega Poster
I think so. Intamin claims it will pull up to -1.2 Gs.

Now, the question becomes, is that the most extreme seat, or what the average center line is based off of?

From my No Limits experience making similar elements, my guess is that -1.2 is the center car average, like if I were to make a -0.5 or -0.7 hill with a pop of -1.2 in the middle in FVD.

I know their method is far different, but knowing how much Intamin push the numbers, I wouldn't doubt it if those stats they gave us are for the center or the train/heartline.

Like that 0 g wall stall will be pulling -0.2 through +0.2 or something depending on the seat and what part of the stall you're in.


Mega Poster
For comparison: Hyperion pulls around 1-1,2 negative, so this one should be a little bit more intense. Zadra is also mostly at -1g.