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Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster


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Some more shots of the construction site from Tripsdrill-Fansite on Facebook








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Tripsdrill has posted a new video with a few shots of the new coasters, as well as an interview with Benjamin Fischer. Since it is German the major points:
-Plans started right after Karacho was finished, the intention was to build only the suspended coaster, but during a visit to another park the idea came up to build a second coaster intertwined with the STC (Someone visited Phantasialand I guess)
-The theme for the Family Boomerang is a result of the car design, that seemingly was done before they decided about their idea, no idea why though
-The idea of the STC came from one of their creative people
The video:


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Tobi has blessed us with animated POVs for what is supposedly going to be a new Vekoma standard off-the-shelf layout combination:



And it looks really good! I feel like the Boomerangs are a little Rollercoaster-Tycooney (I just miss a little pause and getting pulled further to the top on the second spike like the old Boomerangs do) but the STC especially seems to provide some great airtime-moments that should really shine with the lapbar-restraints. Has the potential to really evolve the style of Inverted Coasters.

I was always the odd one out who really tried to like SLCs and acknowledge their great layout, but the hardware just couldn't keep up with it, so I am very glad to see that Vekoma won't be held back by that any more.


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How weird that the track banks downwards at the end even though the trains aren't supposed to make it that far.


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Jesus, what is up with that spike?
How weird that the track banks downwards at the end even though the trains aren't supposed to make it that far.

It looks like they're trying to play a little psychological trick here where they make it look like a normal hill the train is supposed to traverse from the front-row rider's perspective, but then they suddenly realize that the track ends. So far, it doesn't really look like the best execution of that trick. If it were enclosed like Raik's spike, it could work much better and wouldn't look like you ran out of loan in Rollercoaster Tycoon.