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Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster

Crikey! If I'm going back to Europa Park next year it would be criminal not to visit this park!

These additions will surely turn what seemed like a small, quaint park into a serious competitor in the German scene and since these are Vekomas, the hardware can't cost much more than €10 million.


After some analysis by Tobi, he predicts that Tripsdrill will be getting the same Vekoma STC and family boomerang that Tayto Park has planned for 2021.

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Here's a post by him explaining how he matched some footers: https://www.coasterfriends.de/forum...-22-meter-hoch-erlebnispark-tripsdrill-8.html
I'm a little curious... the station for the Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster isn't exactly in a convenient location, given these coasters' location in Tripsdrill. Might the queue and exit area go underneath its lift hill, with a plaza south of that next-door track ride?