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Top 10: 2011 edition


Hyper Poster
I haven't done one of these in a while, but then again I've only been to one new park this year and I always seem to shuffle my top 10 around.

1. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure -
Insane airtime and insane first drop! Love the whole layout and the only thing I would change is stronger airtime on the hill after the turn-around.

2. Dragon Khan, Port Aventura -
Absolutely love this coaster to bits. Intense, fast and forceful layout that never lets up till the final brakes.

3. Goliath , Walibi World (New)-
Great first drop (particularly in the back). The first airtime hill has some insane ejector especially in the front! The Stengal dive is also pretty awesome and great fun. The only thing that makes it loose out to Khan is that it does die a little in the middle in the s-bends but they're still fun! Plus the 3 bunny hops and savage s-bend at the end sure is a great way to finish the ride :--D .

4. Furius Baco, Port Aventura -
Rode it in opening year and loved it! Nice theming, decent pre-show and awesome launch! Great airtime on the drop after the launch and a very intense ride plus the best in-line twist ever! I didn't mind the shakyness that much and found the inside seats to give the better ride. However I've read that it has gotten allot worse lately so will just have to wait and see until I get back to PA.

5. Nemesis, Alton Towers -
Great interaction with the landscaping, queue and an awesome B&M roar. I adore the first half with the little drop into the corkscrew and helix followed by the zero g roll! The stall turns let it down a little but still my favourite Invert.

6. Batman La Fuga, Parque Warner Madrid (Batman SF Gadv, SF Gam) -
I'm just gonna group all the 3 Batman clones I've done together even though I find Madrid's version to be a good bit better than the other 2! The Madrid version was really forceful, had great theming and a great foot-chopper on the zero-g roll. Definitely up there with Nemesis and the colour scheme is awesome!

7. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure -
Insane launch and a great rush...

8. Superman, Parque Warner Madrid -
Got a few **** rides on this but also got a few great rides. The front definitely is the best for the floorless aspect. Great drop, nice inversions some floater airtime and some helixes to finish the ride.

9. Stunt Fall, Parque Warner Madrid -
One scary ride! Was pretty nervous queing for it and it was awesome! Love the first lift backwards and then the vertical drop. Wasn't too rough either, just a little going through the cobra roll on the backwards run.

10. Superman Escape, Warner Bros. Movie World Australia -
Only managed one ride on this due to the retarded op's closing it every 10mins due to the slightest drizzle, then getting kicked off again because they noticed I had my wallet in my ZIPPED pocked! EVERYTHING has to be left in lockers to ride.

Anyways onto the ride, great and surprisingly long pre-show section! Great launch similar to Rita's, then into a top hat which gave a nice burst of airtime. Then a few decent airtime hills and turns (one through a building :p ) and the brakes.

Can't see that changing until I'm in California next summer :--D .


Giga Poster
Nothing planned for 2011, but at the moment they are...

1.The Incredible Hulk @ IOA
Love the launch, the Zero-G, and the airtime hill after the MCBR.
2.Minebuster @ Canada's Wonderland
First drop is awesome and there's lots of rickety airtime
3.Batman @ SFNE
My first Zero-G. Nothing can compare.
4.Dragon Challenge Hungarian Horntail/Ice @ IOA
Alot of people prefer Fire/Chinese Fireball, but I'm liking Ice more.
5.Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit @ Universal Fla.
Would be #2, but I found this coaster to be very rough. First drop is great, and the vertical lift is the scariest part. Gotta love the lift!
6.Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Fla.
I was so nervous about this ride. Mummys creep me out. But the effects are amazing. The layout is pretty awesome too.
7.Dragon Challenge Chinese Fireball/Fire @ IOA
The wrap around Immelman was awesome, and the Airtime over Ice's Zero-G was great.
8.Test Track @ Disney Fla.
I love the launch, and the outdoor part is awesome. I was 5 so I dno't remember it that well. I remember liking it alot though.

If you don't consider that a coaster,

8B.Scorpion @ BGT
My first looper so fun! I love the twists as well or Vortex@CW is also tied for #8;I
love the suspended coasters and the wondermontain interaction
9.Thunderbolt @ SFNE
My first woodie. Still delivers a thrill!
10.Dragon Fire @ Canada's Wonderland
My first multi-looper! I little rough at th helix but still fun!
11.Top Gun/Flight Deck @ Canada's Wonderland
A standard Vekoma SLC, but I found it a little smoother than most for some reason.
12.Flashback @ SFNE
Vekoma Bommerangs deliver a thrill.
13.Pandemonium @ SFNE
A great Gerstlauer spinning coster!
14.The Fly @ Canada's Wonderland
The first drop makes it to my top 15. I love it!
15.Mind Eraser @! SFNE
Another rough SLC. Still delivers a thrill.

I don't ride nearly as much woodies as I would like to, cause' my family hates them and I don't want ot go on them alone.

I'm bored of typing after 15, so that's all for now.


Giga Poster
When I went I to CW the Behemoth had just opened like a week or two ago, and the line was like 5 hours long. And Bizzaro, the coaster had just changed from S:ROS to Bizzaro, so the same fate. I could have waited but there were almost no lines for the other rides. I ended up riding Batman Dark Knight @ SFNE 5 times in a row.


Strata Poster

Error said:
1. Maverick
2. Diamondback
3. Ravine Flyer 2
4. Beast
5. Goliath
6. Magnum XL 200
7. Shivering Timbers
8. Millennium Force
9. Batman: The Ride
10. Expedition Everest

Much change, I'll give a top 20

Top 20:
1: Intimadator 305
2: Maverick
3: Diamondback
4: Ravine Flyer II
5: Griffon
6: Beast
7: Apollo's Chariot
8: Shivering Timbers
9: Alpengeist
10: Dominator

11: Goliath
12: Magnum XL 200
13: Millennium Force
14: Batman: The Ride
15: Great American Scream Machine:
16: Georgi Scorcher
17: Volcano
18: Expedition Everest
19: Raptor
20: Flight of Fear


Hyper Poster
Katun just displaced Nemesis as my no. 1 steel coaster. I'm not sure how that affects the rest of my top 10 yet.

I think Boulder Dash, El Toro, Colossos and Phoenix still have the top 4 spots though. Awesome woodies are: awesome.


Hyper Poster
1. Kumba

2. Grand National

3. Montu

4. Nemesis

5. Dragon Khan

6. Sheikra

7. Manta

8. Hulk

9. Wild Mouse (PB)

10. Cheetah Hunt

11. Furious Baco

12. Revenge of the Mummy (USF)

13. Dueling Dragons, Fire

14. Expedition Everest

15. Rip Ride Rockit

16. Irn-Bru Revolution

17. Stealth

18. Superman (Park Warner Madrid)

19.Tourne des Zeus

20. Stunt Fall


Hyper Poster
Well let's see:

1. Jubilee Odyssey (this thing is running really well - and regularly - this year, I know many of you don't get the chance to ride it, or indeed never have, but you are missing out if you haven't)
2. Wild Mouse (crazy)
3. Grand National (was awesome in February but seems to have veered off in August?)
4. Nemesis
5. Thirteen (still love the theming and concept of the this)
6. Rita
7. Raptor Attack (awesome theatrical experience)
8. Oblivion
9. The Ultimate
10. Stealth


CF Legend
1. Mountain Flyer, Knight Valley
=1. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain 
3. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
4. Goliath, Walibi World 
5. Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer Park 
6. Phoenix, Knoebel’s 
7. Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland 
8. The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley 
9. Dragon Khan, Port Aventura 
10. Apollo’s Chariot, Busch Gardens Europe 

11. Furius Baco, Port Aventura 
12. Storm Runner, Hershey Park 
13. Terminator Salvation, Six Flags Magic Mountain 
14. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure 
15. Troy, Toverland 
16. Colossos, Heide Park 
17. Extreme Rusher, Happy Valley Beijing
17. Blue Fire, Europa Park 
18. Talon, Dorney Park 
19. Sheikra, Busch Gardens Africa 
20. Dive Coaster, Happy Valley Shanghai

21. Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain
22. Diving Coaster, Chimelong Paradise
23. Wooden Coaster - Fireball, Happy Valley Shanghai
24. Ride Of Steel, Darien Lake 
25. Superman Ride of Steel, Six Flags New England 
26. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure 
27. Incredible Hulk, Islands of Adventure 
28. Mega-Lite, Happy Valley Shanghai
29. Alpengeist, Busch Gardens Europe 
30. Starry Sky Ripper, World Joyland

That's the new 30 <3


Giga Poster
I two weeks ago said:
1 - Balder - Liseberg
2 - iSpeed - Mirabilandia
3 - Black Mamba - Phantasialand
4 - Raptor - Gardaland
5 - Shock - Rainbow Magicland
6 - Oblivion - Alton Towers
7 - The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley
8 - Megafobia - Oakwood
9 - Dragon's Fury - Chessington
10 - Nemesis - Alton Towers

I returned to Liseberg this past weekend. It now looks a bit like this...

1 - iSpeed - Mirabilandia
2 - Black Mamba - Phantasialand
3 - Lisebergbanan - Liseberg
4 - Balder - Liseberg
5 - Raptor - Gardaland
6 - Shock - Rainbow Magicland
7 - Oblivion - Alton Towers
8 - The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley
9 - Megafobia - Oakwood
10 - Dragon's Fury - Chessington

Balder really did dissapoint me on Saturday, it weren't running nearly as well as I remember it. Lisebergbanan was far far better than what I remember, hence why it has jumped up to 3! Thing was running phenomenally.

I'm going to PA on Tuesday, we'll see if anything else changes then!


Hyper Poster
bizarrofan10 said:
1. Millennium Force
2. Bizarro (SFNE)
3. El Toro
4. Boulderdash
5. Top Thrill Dragster
6. Kingda Ka
7. Diamondback
8. Nitro
9. Maverick
10. Steel Force
11. Magnum XL-200
12. Beast
13. Bizarro (SFGAdv)
14. Hydra the Revenge
15. Batman: The Dark Knight (SFNE)
16. Talon
17. Superman: Ultimate Flight
18. Raptor
19. Mean Streak
20. Rock N Rollercoaster
I really think that the only thing that made it into my top twenty this year was Wild Mouse at Blackpool :p . What an incredible ride <3


Giga Poster
I've made a couple of small changes to the Top 20 this past week, and it looks like it'll be the final list for 2011 anyway.

1. Alpengeist
2. Oblivion
3. Kumba
4. Montu
5. Furius Baco
6. Manta
7. California Screamin'
8. SheiKra
9. Griffon
10. Apollo's Chariot

11. Wild Mouse (Blackpool)
12. Dragon Khan
13. Hulk
14. Xcelerator
15. Dragon's Fury
16. Revenge of the Mummy (Florida)
17. Expedition Everest
18. Space Mountain (California)
19. Kraken
20. Cheetah Hunt

Baco was a MASSIVE surprise. I wasn't particularly looking forward to it after hearing about its notorious rattle, but I found it to be fine. Sure, it does shake you round a little but I never found it painful and it added a little to the experience. Even the back row outer seats didn't cause me a huge amount of pain. I can see why people dislike it though.

I LOVED the launch, the pop of airtime after it was brilliant. The layout wasn't particularly inspiring but the canyon near misses were cool and I really liked the roll and the turn over the lake. The theme is excellent, it's all so barmy and quirky, particularly the pre-show launch. The music was fab as well, really, really catchy and it's still looping round my head right now. Its only negative in my opinion is that it's not particularly re-rideable, but I seriously think it's horribly, horribly underrated.

Khan on the other hand was a bit disappointing, particularly the first ride which I found to be almost forceless except for the second half. It did however get MUCH better over the week and the last ride on it was seriously awesome. I still think it's far too overhyped however, but the Zero-G is awesome as is the second half, it's just a shame the first few elements are actually pretty weak. I really liked it, but it's not as good as everyone makes it out to be. :)


Mega Poster
My list:
1. Saw
It has everything you want. Speeeeeeeeed, air time, a scary drop, and great theming!
2. Stealth I know this is a contravertial one, but I think it is great. If anyone rode it more than a year ago and didn't like it, just ride it again...
3. Vampire My fav inverted coaster, mainly becuase it is probably the most fun
4. Tonner de Zeus Brilliant! Great airtime, and a great first drop! Just wish it would bank slightly more. I ended up quite bruised.
5. Air Amazing fun! Especially in the dark...
6. Nemesis This used to be no1, but I just don't find it that good any more. I think it is just the fact I don't find inverted coasters scary...
7. Rita Fun ride, just a bit too bumpy now...
8. Oblivion Good fun, but it is just a bit too short.
9. Menhir Express The wettest (and probably the best) log flume I have ever been on!
10. Colossus Suprisingly fun, but not my fave...


Giga Poster
Time for an update!

1) Stealth - Thorpe Park
2) Black Mamba - Phantasialand
3) Troy - Toverland
4) Katun - Mirabilandia
5) Goliath - Walibi World
6) Colossos - Heide Park
7) Dragon Khan - Port Aventura
8) Oblivion - Alton Towers
9) Furius Baco - Port Aventura
10) iSpeed - Mirabilandia

The main changes are that Colossos has lost some places due to the awesome new coasters Troy and Goliath made my list! Desert Race has also lost it's place among my top 10, it used to be smooth and have lot's of airtime but this year it was only rough..