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Top 10: 2011 edition



New year, new coasters. Have anything changed in your top ten since last year?? Heck why stop at 10, post as many as you like (but don't get carried away to the extreme...).

I'm still waiting on my first coaster for the year so I'll post mine when I get something to change...

If you want to have your old list you posted last year then click here for the old topic.


Matt SR
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Let me visit Holiday World in a couple months and I'll get back to ya. :wink:


The Legend
Bastard.. stole my topic. :D

1. Boulder Dash -Lake Compounce
2. El Toro -Six Flags Great Adventure
3. Maverick -Cedar Point
4. Superman - Ride Of Steel / Bizarro -Six Flags New England
5. Ravine Flyer II -Waldameer
6. Voyage -Holiday World
7. X2 -Six Flags Magic Mountain
8. Top Thrill Dragster -Cedar Point
9. Phoenix -Knoebels
10. Cornball Express -Indiana Beach
11. Prowler -Worlds of Fun
12. Evel Knievel -Six Flags St. Louis
13. Montu -Busch Gardens Tampa
14. Afterburn -Carowinds
15. Tatsu -Six Flags Magic Mountain
16. Storm Runner -HersheyPark
17. Volcano: The Blast Coaster -Kings Dominion
18. Dominator -Geauga Lake / Kings Dominon
19. Talon -Dorney Park
20. Kumba -Busch Gardens Tampa

Will anything be changing? Maybe.. maybe not. Added? Who knows.


Strata Poster
1. Maverick
2. Diamondback
3. Ravine Flyer 2
4. Beast
5. Goliath
6. Magnum XL 200
7. Shivering Timbers
8. Millennium Force
9. Batman: The Ride
10. Expedition Everest

Nothing new planned, but then again Disney wasn't.


Giga Poster
1. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
2. Phoenix, Knoebel's
3. Balder, Liseberg
4. Powder Keg, Silver Dollar City
5. Apollo’s Chariot, Busch Gardens Europe
6. Renegade, Valleyfair!
7. Goliath, SF Magic Mountain
8. Kingda Ka, SF Great Adventure
9. Prowler, Worlds of Fun
10. The Voyage, Holiday World

My 1-4 are pretty set I think, but anything below that could change with eachother fairly easily.
This year, if I do manage to get around to all the Florida parks then it'll be interesting to see if there's anything that can break into my top 10. :)


Mega Poster
As of 2011, despite riding only 47 roller coasters so far, here's my constructed top 10 list out of those (with specific reasons why for each coaster); not sure if it's going to change this year as I don't plan on visiting anything new. The list is ranked as best as I could; it was quite difficult to decide one over the other in some cases. This was kind of difficult for me to make up my mind on anyway, as I like each coaster for its own unique experience, however some coaster experiences did stand out over others:

1) X @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
Note: It's being called "X" because this is what it was named when I rode it. Besides, imo "X" has a better ring to it than "X2"! Reasons - somersaulting while riding a coaster (duh), PLUS that first drop is just awesome; it's so unlike any other perspective on any coaster experience I've ever had.

2) Goliath @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
Notable height/view, high speeds, smooth heavy g's, and probably most notable for me on this one would be its various winding turn sensations.

3) Raptor @ Cedar Point
Being inverted combined with a pretty good "throw around" sensation through a considerably twisted course.

4) Griffon @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
So smooth, so graceful, it could be like flying. ALSO, that first drop - apart from X and any other notable "big drop" on coasters such as Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, I think Griffon especially stands out for this consideration. It's such a simple, vertical drop yet it's so sheer and with a floorless combination, especially with the ability to sit far left or far right from the track, this provides a great sensation of a nice open-air, weightless-like drop (not to mention as well as SMOOTH!).

5) Shivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure
Such a considerable amount of fun classic coaster hills & dips that wouldn't seem to ever come to an end.

6) Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point
Somewhat the same reason as with Shivering Timbers, but with an extensive amount of startling fly-out-of-your-seat airtime over that successive series of ejector hills.

7) Volcano, The Blast Coaster @ Kings Dominion
A rather shorter layout, but not a downfall as it compensates for this - I love everything in general about this coaster that I can't really say EXACTLY why I like it. Being inverted with a combination of all of the following: quick launch out of a tunnel, nicely banked turns, a pitch through a volcanic/mountain structure, highly situated heartlines, cool theme, nice interaction with its array of support structure, etc. Love it all!

8) Dominator @ Kings Dominion
It's floorless so that's a plus for me, plus it's just a nice coaster with a rather fun, atypical layout with some pretty cool banked turns, including a high-speed overbank (apart from the more standard floorless layouts, especially like Bizarro or Scream!).

9) Flight of Fear @ Kings Dominion
It's so suspenseful - I like the sensation of being thrown around in so many directions and different inversions in almost pitch black so you don't know where or what the next transition is nor not knowing exactly which way is up or down!

10) GhostRider @ Knott's Berry Farm
Provided some pretty amazing bouts of floater-airtime, that I can remember.


CF Legend
1. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
2. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain
3. Goliath, Walibi World
4. Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer Park
5. Phoenix, Knoebel’s
6. Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland
7. The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley
8. Dragon Khan, Port Aventura
9. Apollo’s Chariot, Busch Gardens Europe
10. Furius Baco, Port Aventura

11. Storm Runner, Hershey Park
12. Terminator Salvation, Six Flags Magic Mountain
13. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure
14. Troy, Toverland
15. Colossos, Heide Park
16. Blue Fire, Europa Park
17. Talon, Dorney Park
18. Sheikra, Busch Gardens Africa
19. Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain
20. Griffon, Busch Gardens Europe

21. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
22. Ride Of Steel, Darien Lake
23. Superman Ride of Steel, Six Flags New England
24. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure
25. Incredible Hulk, Islands of Adventure
26. California Screamin’, Disney’s California Adventure
27. Alpengeist, Busch Gardens Europe
28. Black Mamba, Phantasialand
29. Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park
30. Lightning Racer, Hershey Park

Mine didn't see ANY additions last year, just a slight move of Goliath up two places <//3

Obviously this year hasn't seen any new additions yet, and I'm fairly sure there'll be some. Namely Mountain Flyer, Fireball, the Mega-Lite, maybe Starry Night Ripper and quite possibly one of those excessive new S&S launched coasters in China <3


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^Have you managed to find any topics recently where you're not able to somehow rub it in our faces about China? Bitch.
Right now, mine is this:

1. Voyage
2. El Toro
3. Ravine Flyer II
4. Maverick
5. Top Thrill Dragster
6. Nemesis
7. Beast
8. Kingda Ka
9. Phoenix
10. Prowler

I was gonna post my 11-20, but it needs a bit of work. I was going over it and was like, what was I thinking? Italy, a park in Vienna, and a few of the UK parks is really all I'm doing this year, but there's a few that have the potential to make it into the top 10 or 20.


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right now its
1. Stealth
2. Nemesis
3. Oblivion
4. Dragon Khan
5. Saw The ride
6. Air
7. Nemesis Inferno
8. Furius Baco
9. The Big One
10. Rita
although this year Im going to SFMM, SFDK and SFGA plus Im riding th13teen at AT for the first time


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Now, I started reading this topic backwards (I clicked the 'view most recent post' thingy), and I was amazed at how retarded Taylor's top ten was. Voyage before El Toro? Not a chance in hell.

But then I saw Brad's top ten... :roll:


CF Legend
Coastermaniac94 said:
9. The Big One

Yesterday you'd only been to SFMM, PortAventura, Alton and Thorpe...

And not ONE ride from SFMM on there and you've been?

BULL ****. I'm calling it.


From CoasterForce
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Hmm, I've never made a top 10 list before, but I'm bored at work so why the **** not!

Although it'll be a busy year in terms of parks visits for me, I'm not going anywhere new with anything remotely amazing looking (aside from Italy).

1. Nemesis
2. Maverick
3. Hades
4. Kumba
5. Top Thrill Dragster
6. Thunderhead
7. Fluch von Novgorod
8. Thunderhead
9. Grand Nationial
10. Tonnerre de Zeus

11. Wild Mouse (Blackpool)
12. Kentucky Rumbler
13. Fluch von Novgorod
14. Beast (Kings Island)
15. Raging Bull
16. Twisted Twins (Stella)
17. Twisted Twins (Lola)
18. Millenium Force
19. Piraten
20. Anubis: The Ride

There. I'm offically a geek. FML.


From CoasterForce
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Oh fuxake, I was too busy arranging by copy and pasting. I'll edit it.


Goon of the Year
1. Nemesis
2. Furius Baco
3. Expedition GeForce
4. Balder
5. Black Mamba
6. Troy
7. Colossus (Heide)
8. Insane
9. Superman (Parque Warner)
10. Piraten

First time in a while I have done a top 10 =]


Strata Poster
well - as you asked so nicely

Colossos - Heide park - smooth, loaded with airtime and fun!

Nemesis - Alton towers - just magical - layout, intensity, theming, the lot!

Piraten - Djurs sommerland - a masterpiece of coaster design - keeps it's speed up throughout the ride very impressively

Superman (ADA) - Parque warner - some people say it's too smooth, but I really enjoyed it

Black mamba - Phantasialand - comes close to Nemesis

Oblivion - alton towers - best "one element" coaster out there!

Troy - toverland - get's the balance of thrills just right

Ultimate - Lightwater Valley - that second section is insane!

Saw - thorpe park - don't know why I like it so much

Colorado Adventure - phantasialand - a great family ride (unless that family includes my Mum!)

wondering if batman at parque warner should be in there