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Top 10: 2011 edition


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For 2011*
1. air
2. Rita
3. Thirteen
4. Saw
5. Stealth
6. Colossus
7. Nemesis
8. Nemesis Inferno
9. Oblivion
10. Tidal Wave

*Alton and Thorpe announce new coasters; CF n00b entry edition ;)


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Haven't done one of these in a while. Have a top 20, because I'm bored and need stuff to do

1, Kumba - Busch Gardens Africa
2, Nemesis, Alton Towers
3, Montu, Busch Gardens Africa
4, The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley
5, Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom
6, Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, Hollywood Studios
7, Rita Queen of Speed, Alton Towers
8, Dragon Challenge (or Duelling Dragons as it was), Islands of Adventure
9, Megafobia, Oakwood
10, Dragon's Fury, Chessington World of Adventures
11, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Islands of Adventure
12, Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios
13, Stealth, Thorpe Park
14, Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park
15, Oblivion, Alton Towers
16, Speed, Oakwood
17, Kraken, Seaworld Orlando
18, Sheikra, Busch Gardens Africa
19, Thi13teen, Alton Towers
20, Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom


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Here we go again!

1) Stealth - Thorpe park Speed, height and an unmatched adrenaline kick among the coasters I've ridden!
2) Black Mamba - Phantasialand Silky smooth, over the top theming and a forceful ride throughout the layout.
3) Colossos - Heide Park Great fun! Not the most imaginative layout but lot's of strong airtime througout.
4) Katun - Mirabilandia Fast, forceful, great theming! Just not Black Mamba standard.
5) Dragon Khan - Port Aventura A coaster classic! Long, well paced, layout and beautiful to look at!
6) Oblivion - Alton Towers Amazing drop, great adrenaline rush!
7) Furius Baco - Port Aventura Best launch I've ever experienced, great wing rider trains, a little bit rough but sooo good!
8) Silver Star - Europa Park Don't laugh :lol: I'ts the only B&M hyper I've ridden and I'm sure I would enjoy the others more, but it's still a good ride that delivers lot's of airtime :)
9) Desert Race - Heide Park Good launch, fast and forceful layout with strong ejector over the hills! (I don't include Rita because it practically the same coaster minus an airtime hill)
10) iSpeed - Mirabilandia Not that great launch, but a good layout with lot's of fast turns.

11) Winjas Fear & Force - Phantasialand Great fun, I love spinners and this one is the best!
12) Blue Fire - Europa Park A good ride but a little bit tame, except for that last insane heart line roll of course! :p
13) Michael Jackson Thrill Ride - Phantasialand Best mine train ever!
14) Stampida - Port Aventura Pure out of control fun!
15) AIR - Alton Towers Good fun, I really like the flying position and would love to try out the big flyers like Manta, Tatsu and Starry Nightripper!
16) Nemesis - Alton Towers Stunning setting and intense.
17) Limit - Heide Park I actually like the SLC layout!
18) SAW - Thorpe Park I loved the indoor section, the outdoor section is good as well, I just don't like the restraints.
19) Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park Good but overhyped.
20) Balder - Liseberg Too repetitive and too weak airtime to be great, but still a good ride.


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^Wow! You rate Stealth and Desert Race really highly. Like, really really highly. :?


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andrus said:
17) Limit - Heide Park I actually like the SLC layout!
19) Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park Good but overhyped.


And I don't even LIKE EGF that much...


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^It was running very poor when I rode it, nearly stalled in the overbanks and no airtime at the hills :( the drop was bloody good though! And I like SLCs! :p

^^I guess I like launchers :wink: But to be serious I don't understand why so many dislikes Stealth? :? It has a great launch and when I rode it I got ejector airtime! And it's looking really good too!!


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Oh yeah, EGF does that, I don't think it's half as great as people say either. Lovely drop, great first hill, then it utterly dies.

But, Limit... Limit's horrific <//3 It's not even a good SLC :p


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Think I have ridden enough to make a good top 20 now, so here goes:

1. X2, SFMM
2. Montu, BGT
3. Nemesis, Alton Towers
4. California Screamin’, Disney California Adventure Park
5. Kumba, BGT
6. Terminator Salvation: The Ride (Apocalypse), SFMM
7. Xcelerator, Knott’s Berry Farm
8. Kraken, SeaWorld Orlando
9. Tatsu, SFMM
10. SheiKra, BGT

11. Stealth, Thorpe Park
12. Medusa, SFDK
13. Expedition Everest, WDW
14. Silver Bullet, Knott’s Berry Farm
15. Megafobia, Oakwood
16. Tonnerre de Zeus, Parc Asterix
17. V2: Vertical Velocity, SFDK
18. Silver Star, Europa Park
19. Hulk, IOA
20. Dueling Dragons – Ice (Dragon Challenge – Hungarian Horntail), IOA


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1 Colossos
2 Nemesis
3 Piraten
4 Superman (ADA)
5 Black mamba
6 Oblivion
7 Troy
8 Ultimate
9 Saw
10 Colorado Adventure

Maybe grona lund's twister will get in there tomorrow... Mumbo Jumbo (my other new coaster this year) didn't get close!


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1. Millennium Force
2. Bizarro (SFNE)
3. El Toro
4. Boulderdash
5. Top Thrill Dragster
6. Kingda Ka
7. Diamondback
8. Nitro
9. Maverick
10. Steel Force

(just look at my sig)

Lake Compounce this fall - probably gonna move BD up

Darren B

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1. Dragon Khan
2. Pepsi Max Big One
3. Kraken
4. Nickelodeon Streak
5. Furius Baco
6. Stealth
7. Shockwave
8. Oblivion
9. Nemesis
10. Infusion


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I might as well seeing as I've earned a few new credits this year and my list has taken to a pretty big change. Bolded are new entries.

1. Alpengeist, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
I really, really love this ride. Not only for the huge scale of it but it's also wonderfully landscaped. The huge, sweeping drop into the valley was brilliant and whilst the first half consisted mainly of inversions, each one delivered huge amounts of intensity. (Particularly the cobra roll.) The second half isn't as intense but it's still pretty damn good. The only weak point of the ride is the Zero-G to be honest but it's no worse than similar Zero-Gs on other coasters. Really, really enjoyed this ride, mixed both intensity and enjoyment perfectly. :)

2. Oblivion, Alton Towers
I still feel anxious about riding this, an effect which no other coaster does to me. The term 'short-but-sweet' is far more an accurate description of the ride than 'one-trick pony.' The drop is phenomenal and easily provides the best moment of airtime in the UK. (That I've been on.) Again, incredibly exhilarating and enjoyable.

3. Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
I had high expectations of this ride but what I got still blew them away. I'd heard that the coaster had gotten really rough but I found it to be pretty damn smooth with still a bit of ricketyness to make it have a bit of character. Loved the zero-g roll, the final helix and the dive loop on this one and I love the way the ride interacts with the terrain. It also has a fantastic B&M roar. Excellent ride!

4. Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Again, having ridden Alpengeist I had very high expectations for this ride and it certainly delivered. The first half has some great intense moments particularly the batwing (I think it's called). I love the way the ride weaves in and out of tunnels as well and the near miss with the pathways and the land. Sadly, the ride dies quite a bit in the second half although overall the ride is good fun.

5. Manta, Sea World Orlando
An absolutely stunning ride visually as a spectator and even better as an actual rider. Aside from the pretzel loop, the ride isn't massively intense but it's a huge amount of fun and the way it interacts with the area is well done. I particularly love the build-up to the ride with the queue line aquarium and the area around it.

6. California Screamin', Disney's California Adventure
Perhaps the most re-rideable coaster I've ever been on. Don't go looking for bucket-loads of airtime on this one but the entire ride is hugely fun. You do get little pops of air on it and the loop is pretty intense and despite the ride's long length, it doesn't get dull at all. Incredibly fun coaster and one which is highly overlooked.

7/8. SheiKra, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay / Griffon, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
I try not to lumber coasters together but I genuinely have a hard time deciding which of these is better. Both don't have the same impact as Oblivion does but what they do provide fun rides overall. SheiKra's initial drop is definitely better than Griffon's as is the turnaround, but then it dies in the second half. Griffon's second half is definitely better with lovely pops of airtime and its splashdown is better located. Unlike SheiKra it hits the brakes at a decent speed too. Both are very good rides however, but don't quite have the same effect as the original Dive Machine. :wink:

9. Apollo's Chariot, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Again, a massively fun ride providing decent amounts of floater all around. The helix turnaround thing is pretty cool and it's also very re-rideable.

10. Wild Mouse, Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Never have I felt like I was going to die as much as I did on this. A relentless ride which provides a different kind of fear to Oblivion, not particularly re-rideable but it's bloody insane anyway!

And to go into the top 20:

11. Hulk, Islands of Adventure
12. Xcelerator, Knott's Berry Farm
13. Dragon's Fury, Chessington
14. Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios Florida
15. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom
16. Space Mountain, Disneyland California
17. Kraken, Sea World Orlando
18. Cheetah Hunt, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
19. Velocity, Flamingoland
20. Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris

As you can see, I'm a bit of a B&M Fanboy, (although it's pretty obvious there's a certain one missing. :wink:) and particularly a fan of Busch B&Ms too. :p Yes they can be a bit formulaic but if it works really well, why change it?

I'm going to Port Aventura in a few weeks so I can definitely see Dragon Khan being up there if it's anything like Kumba is and possibly Baco. (Although that seems to get a few mixed opinions about it.)


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1. The Voyage
2. Millennium Force
3. Top Thrill Dragster
4. Expedition GeForce
5. Colossos (Heide Park)
6. Diamondback
7. Troy
8. Goliath (Walabi World)
9. The Beast
10. Nemesis

Hoping to improve on that for next year, planning to visit North East USA, so may see Boulder Dash or El Toro creep in there.


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my top 10 is:

1. Intimidator 305
2. Maverick
3. Millennium Force
4. Top Thrill Dragster
5. Kingda Ka
6. Storm Runner
7. Nitro
8. Superman - Ride of Steel (SFA)
9. Raptor (CP)
10. Superman Escape (Movieworld Gold Coast)

I had the exact same list last year, although I305 was at no. 5
A ride with the trims earned it 5th position, and once I rode it this year without the trims ...
It was easily bumped up to #1 :)


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I lost track of my top 10 ages ago and have been meaning to look at making a new one. Now seems like a good opportunity to do so.

1 - Balder - Liseberg
2 - iSpeed - Mirabilandia
3 - Black Mamba - Phantasialand
4 - Raptor - Gardaland
5 - Shock - Rainbow Magicland
6 - Oblivion - Alton Towers
7 - The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley
8 - Megafobia - Oakwood
9 - Dragon's Fury - Chessington
10 - Nemesis - Alton Towers

A lot of things have jumped around a bit in recent years. Black Mamba/iSpeed are very close, but after consideration, iSpeed just about beats it.