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This vs That

i305, easily. Intimidator is just your typical B&M hyper. Nothing new there.

(And Roar west is actually a good ride, plus it has Millennium Flyer's while SFA's still has PTC trains.)

WOF or Dorney Park


From fairly poor judgement, since I have ridden one and not the other, I shall say Manta.

I have ridden Tastu, it was okay. The pretzel loop was awesome, but the rest of the ride was dissapointing I do have to say. It was then that I realised that 'flying' coasters are for the experience, not for the thrill. Since Manta looks like it delivers quite an experience, with theme and everything, and also is 'designed to flow like a Manta', that wins the vote. Quite a coincidence that Manta's swim like Pretzel loops.

Bling Vs. Samauri


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Either way you're missing out on better flat rides. :razz:

American Coasters or European Coasters


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Not having ridden a single American coaster I enjoyed the least, I have to go for the European.

ThunderCoaster vs. SpeedMonster


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Ooh! A toughie!
Thundercoaster was amazing that day, and aside from the 1 lap, Speedmonster was down all day.

Japan or China
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Japan. Mostly for Tokyo DisneySea...but there's also Kawasemi (which China also has, but still, Japan is better :)), Blue Fall, and that is just what's coming to mind atm.

Voyage or Expedition GeForce?


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Voyage. EGF doesn't seem as if it would be that good.

Disneyland or Disney World.
Disney world because its got expedition everest and Disney land confuses me! Evil park being first!

Nemesis Inferno or Colossus?
This used to be a tough one for me, but CF's Demon Drop situation has made this decision much easier...

...Six Flags.

SFA or La Ronde?


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What an odd choice for a pair of parks. SFA, hands down. LaRonde has the worst operations of any 6F park I've ever been to with MM being the second worst. I sincerely doubt that 6FMex can be worse, and it's the only one I'm missing.

First Drop vs Rollercoaster!
^ Ooooh tricky....... but I would say the rollercoaster since as much as I am growing a liking for drops I have an absolute love of immelman turns and fly to lie and lie to fly's.

Nemesis or Oblivion?


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Oblivion... by a mile, it's such an awesome experience for just a 15 second ride.

Big Bad Wolf vs Flight Deck (Kings Island)


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BBW. Top Gun (I will never call it FD) had a good experience, it was much too short.. plus that drop by the river on BBW.. sexy.

Shiekra or Griffon


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Griffon though.. I like the atmosphere better as far as I can tell from pictures, and I just think the ride looks better.

Behemoth vs. Magnum