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I was just comparing things in my mind earlier and thought of this game. I'll go first, I'll say something vs something else, and the person who posted this vs that gets to also chose what they think of they're own poll. Than the next person decides which is better. That same person who chose which is better will than say something vs something else. Being a theme park related site, try to keep it mostly amusement park related but it's okay if there is the occasional non related thing (example, Pepsi vs Coke.) So here we go!

Incredible Hulk vs Kumba.

I've only ridden Kumba, but from the looks of Incredible Hulk I think Kumba is better. Kumba is a great coaster, it's forceful, has a lot of inversions, and isn't too smooth like most B&Ms (I like that.) Incredible Hulk looks only a little bit less good, the launch and zero g look fun, along with the corkscrew into the second loop, but overall Kumba is a little bit better.

Okay, next person go!


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Sounds a good concept; I think I have the idea..

Incredible Hulk vs. Kumba

I've ridden neither of them; but I have been on Dragon Khan which is fairly similar to Kumba, and that is one of my favourite coasters! In terms of originality though, Hulk is outstanding, I can't think of any other B&M coaster in the world which is anything like that. I can't really say which is better because I haven't been on them; but I can see Hulk being the more interesting of the two, it would be one of them coasters which I would keep on coming back to over and over again.

Yay, my turn! :p

Kraken vs Dragon Khan

Silence breaks...


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Hulk > Kumba, btw.

Um, this is like, so obvious it hurts, Dragon Khan.

Obvious one, Ka Vs TTD

(and I bet this gets moved :p)


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^ I've only done Ka, but I still think that when I ride TTD next year i'll prefer TTD.

TTD looks like it has a better atmosphere, and i'm sure the lap bars will make the world of difference.

So... TTD.

Balder V Colossos


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I haven't rode Behemoth, but Diamondback was awesome, so I'll say Diamondback.

Let's go

Alpengeist V. Montu


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Although that may be a bit bias because it's my number 1, Montu looks like it dies a bit earlier on its layout.

A boomerang vs a Standard SLC?


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This one's actually REALLY tough... I THINK Alpengeist just pips it, but, it depends what day you ask me on to be honest...

Ravine Flyer II V Hades


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Ravine Flyer 2, even though Hades is a great ride Ravine Flyer 2 has the bridge and the view of lake Erie

Giant Inverted Boomerang or Impulse coaster


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Tough one. I like the theming on Saw, but I think I just about prefer Rage because of it's tighter layout!

Silver Star vs. Pepsi Max Big One


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Ben said:
Behemoth V Diamondback
You need to be more original Taylor. :wink:

It's very close IMO. Didn't think so after the Live, but I've been back to CW since & re-rode Behemoth - it's danm good, but Diamondback still gets the nod.

Since this was skipped (even though I think everyone will give the same answer):
Rush said:
A boomerang vs a Standard SLC?


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Are you going to answer the one above?

I would have to say Maverick (not that I've been on either).

Sorry to do a boring one but Nemesis vs Inferno


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Oops.. Anubis for the one above the one I didn't say anything for :p .

Umm.. Nemesis obviously. Haven't been on either but come on, with all the raving about Nemesis, it has to be pretty sweet.


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No options Taylor? :p

I'll just answer the Nemesis one and I have to say, Inferno is really a huge amount better in my opinion. Nemesis is rubbish. :wink:

Eejanaika vs X2? (Please remember to answer this next time! :p)