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Theme Park STUFF collecting...


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I'm not sure if I want that map for as much as £5.50, but I am one of the watchers. You'll know if I'm the high bidder. :p

Anyway... Here are my SPARES that I am willing to trade. Some of these have since found new homes. If you're interested in anything here, PM me and I will show you photos of my current collection so you can see if you have anything I don't already have. Lists confuse my brain, photos ftw. If you're quick we can organise a trade before tomorrow when I will be going to the post office.

US (the one glared out by flash is Great Adventure 2008, which has now gone.)

Europe (the one next to Port Aventura is the one from Port Avetura this past Christmas)



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Any of the ones in bold are available for trade.
PM if interested.

Oakwood - Guide (Typhoon) - 1
Oakwood - Guide (Speed) - 2
Drayton Manor - Guide - 1
Gullivers Matlock Bath - Guide - 1
Drayton Manor - Map - 1
Alton Towers - Map - 1

Pleasure Beach Blackpool - Guide - 1
Flamingoland - Map -1
Port Aventura - Map - 1
Oakwood - Guide - 1
Lightwater Valley - Map - 1
Tusenfryd - Map - 1
Alton Towers Scarefest - Map - 1
Dennyls Parc - Map - 1
Bagatelle - Map - 1
Liseberg - Map - 1
Drayton Manor - Map - 1
Plopsaland - Map - 1
Alton Towers - Map - 1
Cedar Point - Guide - 1
Seaworld Orlando - Map - 1
Gullivers Warrington - Map - 2
Legoland Windsor - Map - 2
Legoland Windsor - Map (September - November) - 2
Drayton Manor - Guide - 4
West Midlands Safari Park - Map - 4

Phantasialand - Map - 1
Pleasure Island Cleethorpes - Map - 1
Disneyland Paris - Map - 1
Phantasialand - Guide - 1
Europa Park - Map - 1
Twinlakes - Map/Guide - 1
Gullivers Theme Parks - 5
Wicksteed Park - Map - 5
Paultons Park - Guide - 2
Oakwood - Map - 1
Holiday Park - Guide - 1
Pleasurewood Hills - Map - 1
Oakwood - Guide - 5
Folly Farm - 4
M&Ds - Map - 3
Lightwater Valley - Map - 3
Legoland Windsor - Map - 7
Drayton Manor - Map - 2
Alton Towers - Map - 2
West Midlands Safari Park - Map - 4
Loudoun Castle - Map - 1
Loudoun Castle Leaflet - Map - 1
Drayton Manor - Guide - 11
Wheelgate Adventure Park - Guide/Map - 2

Paultons Park - Map - 1
Paultons Park - Guide - 2
Legoland Windsor - Map - 4
West Midlands Safari Park - Map - 4
Alton Towers - Map - 2
Thorpe Park - Map - 2
Drayton Manor - Guide - 5
Twinlakes - Map - 2

Or for those that like photos -

Only two are not pictured and that is Twinlakes and Drayton Manor 09 as I only picked those up today.


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If you want to swap either P.M. me or reply in the forum. These are all my spairs.

1 Alton Towers 09 - 3
2 Legoland 08 - 2
3 Legoland 09 -2
4 Universal Florida 08 - 1
5 Island Of Adventure 08 - 1
6 :? London tube map - end off 08 - 5
7 :? London tube map - beginning off 09 -5
8 Busch Gardens Africa 08 - 0
9 Animal Kingdom 08 -1
10 Hollywood Studios 08 -1
11 Epcot 08 -1
12 Magic Kingdom 08 -2
13 Disney waterparks 08 - 0
14 Thorpe Park 09 - 5
15 Thorpe Park 08 - 4
16 PBB 08 -3
17 Pleasurewood Hills 08 (but Wipeout has the old colour track so not sure if they have re-new the maps) - 2
18 Paultons 09 -4
19 Port Aventura 08 (the front is the different to others maps but in another languauge) - 1
20 Port Aventura 08 - 5
21 Chessington 08 - 1


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Anything on this list is avalible for trading...

And this is my personal collection...



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Got some great new park maps from some nice CF Member who's just got back from the States. :p

I got:
Universal Orlando map including both the Studios and IOA. It also has Rip Ride Rocket on it. :p
A great big Bush Gardens Tampa Bay map
A double sided map that has Busch Gardens and Adventure Island (waterpark) maps on one side and Seaworld Orlando (Has Manta on it :)) and Aquatica waterpark maps on the other.

And then I got up to date maps of:
Animal Kingdom
Islands of Adventure
Magic Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Universal Studios

None of them are for trade though as I've only got one of each. :p
Thanks for getting them for me dude. :)

But I have got Chessington, Thorpe and the London Dungeons maps from this year all up for trade.


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My collection weighed in at 19.3 kilos of park maps, flyers, wristbands, tickets and on-ride photos.

I continue to be embarrassed by this.

I am NOT spreading these out any more than this. It took like 20 minutes to get everything back in the boxes as it was!


Everyone seems to have UK and other European Maps.

Does anyone want a Six Flags Great America 2009 Map and Brochures (2 seperate things)

I will trade anything for them. I also got Knott's Berry Farm and World's of Fun stuff if you are interested too.


Sorry to bring this topic up from page 2, but...

I have 2 Port Aventura 2009 maps... if anyone wants one drop me a PM.

I'm not really interested in a swap, but i sort of want last years Merlin maps if anyone can help, i went a whole Annual Pass year without getting one! I've only just started to collect maps only from the parks i've visited, and need to back-date.


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^I wouldn't mind having a PA09 map please.
I'm not sure what Merlin Maps I have from last year. I've probably got a couple of Thorpe ones but I'll have to dig through my 'Coaster Drawer' to find it.

PS sorry to bump the topic.


I’m currently having a clearout of old theme park memorabilia.

I’ve listed it on Ebay to try and raise some money towards my holiday fund.

It won't let me post a link on here, but if you do an advanced search on Ebay for the seller 1979idb you should find the items.


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I don't collect the stuff at all, but I picked up a few Tokyo DisneySea and Fuji Q maps when I was there last week and the week before. I've got 4 of each. I don't want anything for them, so the first 4 people to PM me can get one of each. Just because that's how ****ing nice I am.


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I currently own:

- B&M Full ride brochures
- Gerstlauer Full ride brochures/leaflets
- Intamin AG full ride brochures, plus stickers & a pin badge :D
- Fabbri Group full ride brochure
- KMG Rides full ride brochures
- Pleasure Island Cleethorpes 2009 park map
- Apocalypse (Drayton) cap.



I have 2 spare Flamingo Land 2009 and 1 spare Lightwater Valley 2009 maps.

I would like to swap for Thorpe08, Alton08, Legoland08 or Chessie08 maps.

Any takers?


Joey, I will take a Dorney Park 2008 map and Six Flags Great Adventure 2008 map of your hands if that's ok? Oh and if anyone has a Hershey Park 2008 map that would be great! I only just started collecting maps so don't really have anything to trade :(.


I got a load of 2009 spare maps from Walibi world, Djurs Sommerland, Hiede Park, Farup Sommerland, Tivoli Gardens and the Amsterdam Dungeons if anyone wants....


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Ryan would you swap the Heide Park map for a Disneyland Paris 2009 map as that's all I have for trade at the moment? I believe it's a double-sided map so it has both the Magic Kingdom and Studios on it.


Off topic but Ryan when you went to the Dungeons in Amsterdam, did you just get the credit or did you have to go through the whole of the Dungeons? If you had to go through all of it, was it in English or Dutch?


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oo Ryan, I would love a Walabi World one and an Amsterdam Dungeons one.

Any of the ones with more than one in the 'copies' column is up for trade.

Twinlakes Map/Guide 2009 is no longer up for trade.

The Busch ones are not up for trade. They're all different. Sorry.

If there's any you want, let me know.

If anybody else wants to trade anything, PM me or post here and let me know. I'd quite like some more American parks.