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Theme Park STUFF collecting...


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So, yeah, i took up the geeky passtime of collecting maps.

And i'm wondering does anyone want to trade these useless peices of paper.

So here's a topic for people to post their collection and any they are willing to trade. People can PM each other about trading and exchange addresses to make it all possible. I'm really interested in getting my hands on some US park maps, or any outside the UK.

Even if you aren't up for trading, then there is still a topic to post about any stuff you currently own. Be that used tickets, maps... merchandise. Whatever .

So here's my doubles! Oh what memories of Pokemon cards... xD

x2 2006 Lightwater Valley maps.
x2 2006 Oakwood theme Park leaflets.
x1 2006 Flamingoland map.
x2 2006 Pleasureland Southport maps.
x1 2006 Oakwood theme park map.
x7 2006 Alton Towers maps.
x8 2006 Thorpe Park maps.
x6 2006 Chessington World of Adventures maps.
x2 Disney Village, Disneyland Resort Paris guide/maps.
x4 2007 Alton Towers maps.
x3 Drayton Manor booklets including map.


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As far as US parks go, you can have-

-Universal Studios Orlando map
-Islands of Adventure map
-MGM Studios map
-Epcot map
-Magic Kingdom map
-Animal Kingom map
-Cypress Gardens booklet

And, a Walibi World map. But that's Europe :D.

And I only want a DLRP guide/map.

I'm a geek too <3.


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The disney one is ONLY Disney Village, i picked it up when i got stranded there. We stayed in the hotel, but i didn't get to go to the park.

I'd love all those maps, though. D: Can i pay with hugs?


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Buncha CP/PKI/GL Park Maps
Cedar Point Hat
Cedar Point 2006 Calendar I won from CP.com

I'm sad, I know. :lol:


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Social Media Team
HAJiME said:
The disney one is ONLY Disney Village, i picked it up when i got stranded there. We stayed in the hotel, but i didn't get to go to the park.

I'd love all those maps, though. D: Can i pay with hugs?
Lol, yeah. Just PM me an address and I'll send them :D.


I have a bunch of maps I could send as well...

SFOG, 2003-2006
CP 2006
Kennywood 2006
IOA 2004

Let me know if you want those!


Haha, sure, I'll take whatever you'd be willing to send... I'm strange and collect this sorta stuff too.


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Well, let's see.

Disneyland 2006

Dorney Park 05

Universal Studios Hollywood 06

California Adventure 06

All Disney World Maps 05

Lemme see if I can try and dig up anything esle.


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I have maps of Oakwood.

One from 2002, 2005 and 2006.

Drayton Manor 2005
Alton Towers 2002
Thorpe Park 2004


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I've got a few spare Liseberg maps and the current DLRP Disnleyland Park and Disney Studios maps if you're wanting any?


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I had a ton of American maps off Chris (Infernus) last year. Unfortunately, I had a big clean up about three weeks ago and chucked them all. Sorry :(


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Yeah, I binned a Camelot map that had been in my glovebox since last April on Friday. Jake rejected it the week or so before because he'd not been to Camelot! :lol:


SFGAdv Cartoony map from last yeaar
SFNE Cartoony map from last year
KK Inaugural year GAdv map
Hydra Inaugural year Dorney map
El Toro Inaugural year GAdv map
Hershey map


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Lets see. I have:
S&S Drop Tower seat (Volcanic Impact to be precise)
Black Hole Wheel
Part of a Corkscrew restraint
An Intamin Fleece jacket thing
and hopefully a Vekoma wheel.

As well as that I've around 150 maps, 20 caps and other stuff.

Not much.


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Im interested in getting my hands on a Cedar Point Park map. But I really dont have anything in return! Unless you want a crappy Thorpe one, which is avaliable for download on the website anways!


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^ Cedar Point's maps too are available on their website.

I would hook you up with Cedar Point maps from the past, but truth be told, I've never bothered to grab a map from the park!

I could easily mail you a 2007 map though come the park's opening Lauz.


I have a fair bit of this sort of Junk:

*opens rollercoaster draw*

- M&D's used wristband.
- Funlands used Wristband.
- Pleasure Beach Blackpool wristband.
- CF wristband
- CF Stealth Rattle and LOL wristband.
- CF Stealth Rattle and LOL name tag.
- CF old logo on fabric thing.
- Collection of squished coins from Walt Disney World
- Letter from Thorpe Park with free tickets.
- 2 CF envelopes...

Then onto the map maps and leaflets....

- M&D's leaflet 2006.
- Adventure Dome (Las Vegas) map 2005
- Brean Leisure Park leaflet 2005
- Devons Realy Great Adventure Park leaflet 2005
- Legoland Windsor map 2005.
- Woodlands map and leaflet 2005.
- West Midlands Safari Park map and leaflet.
- Longleat leaflet.
- Drayton Manor leaflet 2005.
- Knotts Berry Farm leaflet 2005.
- Walt Disney Studios 2004 map.
- Legoland California 2005 leaflet.
- Alton Towers 2005 map.
- American Adventure leaflet.
- Universal Studios Hollywood leaflet 2005.
- Disneyland Resort leaflet with all park maps inside.
- Downtown Disney leaflet.
- Pacific Park 2004 leaflet.
- Thorpe Park 2005 map.
- Paultons Park 2005 map.
- Paultons Park 2006 map.
- Twinlakes Park leaflet.
- Wicksteed Park leaflet 2006.
- Pleasure Land Southport 2006 leaflet.
- Drayton Manor 2006 leaflet.
- Chessington 2006 map.
- Adventure Wonderland 2005 leaflet and map.
- Six Flags Magic Mountain leaflet 2005.
- Disney Pars 2004 map.
- Six Flags Magic Mountain leaflet 2.
- Disneyland 50th Anniversary leaflet.
- Thorpe Park 2006 map.
- Funlands 2006 map.
- Alice and Wonderland 2005 leaflet.

On ride photos:

- Cobra Paultons Park 2006
- Thunder River Thorpe Park
- Speed Las Vegas 2005.
- Legoland Pirate Falls
- Loggers Leap Thorpe Park
- Countdown to Extinction (Animal Kingdom)
- Space Mountain Paris x2
- Loggers Leap Thorpe Park 2005.
- Colossus Thorpe Park
- Nemesis Inferno Thorpe Park
- X:\ No Way Out

So...I have a fair bit of junk.


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I've got a drawer which is very similar :p

But if the stuff starts annoying you, there's a real market on eBay, where you can get a couple of quid for what would normally wind up in the bin, as there's always bored enthusiasts surfing, with a bonus if they're a bit drunk (says the guy who recently received a 2007 Thorpe map, which he has zero recollection of bidding on!) - came in awesome condition though, and brightens my wall nicely.